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Fun for the new year at Spectator! Replacing the Weekend section, this fall Spec will launch a full-color, Village Voice-style weekly magazine tentatively titled The Eye. In a canny move, they recruited a features editor who’s already been dishing for the Daily Telegraph and other publications for years–Bee Shaffer, daughter of Vogue empress Anna “Miranda” Wintour (Fashion Week, anyone?). Bwog hopes that this venture fares better than the late Splog, which we’ve heard will rise again soon.

Meanwhile, many Bwog readers have been puzzling over the state of Spec’s website, which has been in disrepair for quite some time. They’re apparently attempting to code with CollegePublisher, a service used by college newspapers from Syracuse to San Diego State, which requires subcribers to sign over all advertising rights in exchange for flashy ads from big corporations. (ed. note This is not entirely accurate. Please see correction.) But hey, you’ve got to fund the hors d’oevres somehow.

Spectator could not be reached for comment.

CORRECTION: Contrary to the post above, Spectator did comment on their website change and new magazine! And Bwog got some facts wrong. An email from Spec E-i-C Steve Moncada reveals “1) The magazine will be titled, The Eye. 2) Spectator is in the process of switching web hosts from New Digital Group to College Publisher. The new host, which subsumed the old host, offers free web services to Spectator in exchange for national ad placement at three locations on the website, and it is currently home to over 260 college newspapers. In addition, Spec hopes to debut a site for The Eye by the beginning of the school year which will be hosted on Spectator’s own server. Spec editors hope that the magazine site will be a starting point in freeing the paper from the constraints of these national web-hosting conglomerates.”

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  1. its all  

    greek to me. anna shaffer? bee wintour. i have no idea who these people are. sounds like some fashion folks. but you really need to explain that to those of us who don't read people magazine and all of the associated nonsense.

  2. for the non-gawker addicted

    Anna Wintour is the editor of Vogue, one of the most influential fashion magazines in the world. She is loathed by PETA for her rampant fur usage, and is has a reputation for being a scary, scary lady. The Meryl Streep character (Miranda) in the new movie (and book) The Devil Wears Prada is based on her--she's the devil in Prada.

    Her daughter, Bee, is a Columbia student. Thanks either to her precocious and unbelievable talent or her familial connections, she's managed to snag a few real writing gigs for the Daily Telegraph at the tender age of (whatever...19? 20?). And now she'll be one of the editors for Spec's new mag.

    Anna Wintour may or may not eat babies, and her daughter may or may not benefit from having a mother who's extremely powerful in the editing world.

  3. Dave Barnes

    The current Spectator site is horrible.

    OK, I am old fart, but current look is "ordinary bloggish". At least the old look had some class.

  4. syracuse and san diego state

    clearly institutions to take our cues from...

  5. patience

    it'll come together. it's not like spec staff are just sitting around all summer. everyone has jobs. everyone is busy. things will take shape, and the magazine will have a few bad issues before it forms its identity.

    they'll be fine as long as they stay as far away as possible from the graphic in this post.

  6. hehe

    i think it's cute when bwog tries to be snarky toward spec despite the fact that much of its staff also does spec. spec.

  7. J Train

    Is it just me or did that Daily Telegraph article say absolutely nothing?

  8. question?

    why you nickname your child an old person name..i can already picture a gray haired bee knitting in her nursing home

  9. Gawker

    This post made Gawker.com

  10. haha

    gawker isn't so good at the facts, huh? a)features editor is different than editor, and I don't think bee shaffer is editor. b) man, I hope it's not "columbia university" that's launching this magazine. is presbo on the masthead of the eye? last I checked, spec was its own company.

  11. alum

    Please place the correction at the bottom of the post. It's not visually pleasing if placed on top. And I assume you want it to look good if it's been linked to by Gawker.

  12. bah gawker

    shouldn't our so-called ivy league university be a little less concerned with superficial celebrity shit? I mean it was a little ridiculous when columbia college today put the editor of us weekly on the front cover. talk about someone who squandered her education. it doesn't take much to be a sheephound for the papparazzi.

    I can't wait for bee shaffer to similarly uphold the intellectual reputation of our alma mater in her assuredly inspiring future life.

    • pebleian  

      Your anger towards the magazine industry is interesting.

      "Superficial celebrity shit" makes the world go round.

      It's okay if you and your Philosophy/English double-major friends can find the Sylvia Plath allusion in the latest issue of the New Yorker while enjoying some fresh Cypriot tahini crackers. But if go blank when your cabbie mentions that he really doesn't feel sorry for Jennifer Anniston, you're out of touch with 95% of America. And that's sad.

      As for the editor of US Weekly, her magazine just so happens to be one of the 50 top-read magazines in America. What have you done lately?

  13. agree w/21&22

    but why the fuss about bee schaffer? there are other columbia kids who've done more than having a famous person in there family and publish and article in a major newspaper...and to boot she really isn't hot enough for me to care.

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