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Columbia librarians are using the Internet Archive to save full websites from human rights organizations so that they can continue to be accessed by scholars even after they’re shut down. (Internet Archive, Inside Higher Ed) Although the late Manning Marable “never read e-mail on a computer, but had an assistant print it out,” his students […]

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Late-night news in “Giant Inflatable Penis-gate,” as the queer community has moved quickly to respond to the controversial editorial published in Wednesday’s Spectator. In addition to the factual errors, the editorial is also attracting controversy for alleging that Queer Awareness Month “must be sure to focus on awareness and education before revelry.” The “revelry” in […]

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An amused tipster — who has thoughtfully already coined the phrase “Giant Inflatable Penis-Gate” — has just pointed Bwog in the director of Spec‘s recent correction to this morning’s staff editorial on Queer Awareness Month. The correction reads: “Because of an editorial mistake, the original version misstated that Columbia Queer Alliance was responsible for Queer […]

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The Daily Screwup

This time, the critics were right. We tried reporting on the Blight demonstration on South Lawn at noon today, which was a protest of Columbia’s lack of transparency in the expansion process and the potential use of eminent doman to obtain the last few properties in Manhattanville that Columbia needs to build its new satellite […]

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CORRECTION to earlier post: It appears that our source on the statistic that 13 out of 57 people tested for HIV yesterday must have misheard: according to a staff member at the Gay Health Advocacy Project, Bronx AIDS Services (who provided the HIV antibody testing) clarified that only 29 people were tested–none positive. For future […]

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Spin Control

We were there when students stormed the stage in Columbia’s Alfred Lerner Hall and chased off the Minutemen, and we were there with the chanting crowd outside. We reserve the right to set the record straight. This item will be updated as news breaks. O’Reilly Factor, interview with Marvin Stewart: We would like to remind […]

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Fun for the new year at Spectator! Replacing the Weekend section, this fall Spec will launch a full-color, Village Voice-style weekly magazine tentatively titled The Eye. In a canny move, they recruited a features editor who’s already been dishing for the Daily Telegraph and other publications for years–Bee Shaffer, daughter of Vogue empress Anna “Miranda” […]

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In which the Bwog apologizes for getting a couple facts wrong: – In the February issue, Brendan Ballou wrote that “Rebel With Uranium” Ken Hechtman and his merry band of anarchists “were the first to reach the Low Library roof, and as far as we know, the last.” Correction: They were not the last. – […]

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A poster of the Graduate Students Employee Union in Mudd claims “According to the Living Wage Project at Penn State University, the minimum living wage for a single person’s very basic budget in New York City is $21,272.” A visit to the poster’s cited Living Wage Calculator reveals the living wage estimate for a single […]

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My first Spectator column of the year came out Monday, and I proved myself to be a royal idiot. Soon after, I sent a mea culpa to the Spec sports staff, the athletic department, and a few angry student athletes — see after the jump. But before the jump … please don’t call me a […]

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