And so it begins again

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Cheers! Bwog won’t have to start the school year without its third favorite study distraction (after Facebook and this craziness). Bored at Butler, which went underground shortly after the end of classes, is gathering input for a relaunch, and wants to hear from YOU! (For the uninitiated in Generation ’10: the site, affectionately known as B@B, is what all these library rats are really peering at on their laptops).

Go forth and feed back.

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  1. R!ck

    Bah. Lots of '10ers know what Bored at Butler is. We're freaking crazy this year about Columbia.


  2. b@b

    is racist and creepy. plus, the guy who promised to meet me in the stacks NEVER SHOWED.

  3. blah

    but seriously, b@b should have a better reply feature. and less racism.

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