The Village Voice has just released its list of the Ten Worst Landlords in New York City, and man oh man, are these guys jerks. The landlords profiled in this article evict tenants unfairly, cut off electricity without warning, and change the locks on 70 year-old diabetics while they are stuck in the hospital. One of the worst, however, just might be Mark Hersh, whose Colonial House Hotel, which is down to one tenant and is not actually a hotel, is located in our very own Morningside Heights. One of the main reasons that the building, on 112th between Broadway and Riverside, has a hard time attracting tenants? It is reported that Good Sir Hersh has a nasty little penchant for vigilante justice, harbors a deep affection for his baseball bat, and enjoys a good bash.

Read the full story on Hersh and see the list of all ten nightmare landlords on the Village Voice’s website. The details are enough to make you want to move to Manhattanville.