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Midnight Amusement

With the West End shut for renovations and Butler closing at six on the weekends, Bwog has lately resigned itself to Saturday nights sitting on the Steps with the high schoolers who have taken over campus. Fed up, last Saturday the Bwog team embarked on a midnight scavenger hunt across Manhattan, a five-hour chase that drew 30 people broken into teams. Among the night’s highlights: a member of “Jesus for Jews” nearly getting knocked out after asking two girls to make out in front of Chicken and Rice, “something dirty in Spanish” riding a mechanical pony in a Lower East Side bar, sneaking into the garage of the Dakota for a photo of Yoko Ono’s car, and several mohawks and salami headbands. For coming in second, Bwog’s “red team” made a one dollar profit on the night.

Above: Senior Editor Marc Tracy, having bagged a slice of bacon cheeseburger pizza. More photos after the jump.

Below left: Editor-in-Chief Avi, who sighted “a couple of dramatically different heights.” No, of course we didn’t tell them that.

Avi and peeps

Below right: Bwog editor-at-large Izumi Devalier spotted an elusive Hummerzine. Not pictured: the douchebags inside it.


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  • Aww, snap. says:

    @Aww, snap. Now I’m just jealous. Damn my Spec roots. I’d trade in all the fancy-rancy parties for a kickass scavenger hunt. We lose at journalistic fun having.

    1. haha! says:

      @haha! as a fellow speccie, i’m delighted to tell you you’re wrong. what bwog didn’t mention is they finished second TO SPEC. journalistic fun-having remains ours.

      1. #1 again says:

        @#1 again Ha! Go us, then. Although now I am mildly insulted that I wasn’t invited… I say there oughta be another go-round come September. Spec/The Eye vs Bwog vs The Fed, no holds barred, no sanity necessary.

        1. not invited? not surprising says:

          @not invited? not surprising these publications are cliquey little worlds

          1. i love says:

            @i love how this thread has become a bunch of inside jokes. yep, these publications are clique-ing, but thank the lord I’m part of it!

          2. That's says:

            @That's repulsive.

          3. your point? says:

            @your point? Yes, publications are cliques. So is CCSC. So is the women’s soccer team. You become friends with the people you spend time with. I don’t see that this is either surprising or particularly problematic.

            If your problem is the inside jokes on Bwog, get used to it. The vast majority of the readers of this thing work for Bwog, work for Spec, or both.

          4. if you're says:

            @if you're that inclusive, you’re gonna have a hard time expanding readership/getting any credibility.

          5. inclusive? says:

            @inclusive? I think you mean “insular” or perhaps “exclusive”

          6. Someone Else's Point says:

            @Someone Else's Point Making groups of friends through activities is not a problem. I don’t see how anyone could claim otherwise.

            The problem *is* the inside jokes, and while your advice that we get used to it is good — since there is nothing we can do — it is not a justification. Such things have no place in any sort of publication that claims a veneer of journalistic professionalism.

            I, anyway, do not work for any Columbia publication and if your speculation about bwog’s readership were true, it would be a pretty pathetically small readership indeed.

    2. Me says:

      @Me The scavenger hunt was created by one of the Spec editors. Damn Bwog spinning itself as the creator of the scavenger hunt.

  • yo says:

    @yo jesus is for jews?

  • the hummer limos says:

    @the hummer limos are practically a dime a dozen now. I don’t know whether they’re thicker in times square or the hamptons.

  • aww man! says:

    @aww man! let the birch play!

  • I call says:

    @I call shenanigans.

    how come theres more of this crap going on in the summer than during the school year when the rest of us can take part? i feel left out. bastards.

  • jack says:

    @jack wasn’t one of the clues the Farley Post Office?

  • that dude in the says:

    @that dude in the background is scary

  • he must says:

    @he must go to NYU or something

  • chicken says:

    @chicken and rice got a mention on the bwog

    bwam and bwice pwatter, bwots of bwed, bwots of bwhite!

  • yeah. another medium says:

    @yeah. another medium for ugly columbia students to engage in inside jokes

    1. hmmm says:

      @hmmm do you mean that all columbia kids are ugly or that columbia publication kids in particular are ugly? because i think both are pretty spot-on.

  • wow, guys says:

    @wow, guys lets feud over THIS!!!

    1. Official Word says:

      @Official Word Every 1 knows kids that write for Spec are better looking than kids that write for b + w, bwog, or the birch.
      The results are mixed for kids that write for both

      1. Unofficial Word says:

        @Unofficial Word I think you’re way off base. I can’t speak for Bwog, but the Spec kids are pretty fugly.

        1. In B at B Style says:

          @In B at B Style Agree

  • really says:

    @really all jokes are inclusive or dare i say ‘inside’ jokes.
    try your lit hum with the friends at home. it never works. said’s orientalism is never funny with them.

    1. cc? says:

      @cc? said’s orientalism in lit hum???

      1. sorry 26 says:

        @sorry 26 i meant core curriculum jokes. although i guess said’d orientalism is never officially read (accept for maybe uni dub). let’s just call it a tool of the canon.

        for example. are you orientalizing me. are you trying to other me. try it with classmates. you have to wave your hands and look crazed, though.

  • oy vey says:

    @oy vey the person who organized this scavenger hunt did not set it up in any way as a war between cliques or publications, that person emailed everyone they knew who was in New York for the summer, and invited those people to forward the email to anyone else. various people formed teams, and people who didn’t form onto a team were matched up.

    the world is composed of cliques. i daresay the world is ‘cliquey,’ depending upon your perspective. as someone who participated in this scavenger hunt, i don’t know why people are using it as a forum to attack percieved cliquishness of campus publications.

    as for insular bwog comments / threads (and the other commentor who called for journalistic professionalism), maybe they would happen less if bwog posted less about itself, or be more sensitive about how it does so.

    1. right says:

      @right stop posting about yourelf. and spec. and the birch, for that matter. those are the posts we don’t care about. post about free food and where to go in brooklyn and what those crazy professors are doing. but not about yourselves, please!

  • yawn says:

    @yawn its their blog and they post whatever they want to. you have option of not clicking on the post or even visiting if you want. this is silly. why can’t bwog people chronicle their fun if we’re all too boring to do anything interesting of note

  • Me says:

    @Me “My list of names is in no way meant to be
    exclusive–it’s just the e-mails I have for people who I know are in
    the city for the summer. If you want to invite others, by all means do
    Clique-ish? (Clique-y? I don’t know. If I were an editor of anything, maybe I would know.)

    Does the Bwog claim to be journalistically professional? I kind of feel like Spec is supposed to be professional, and that Bwog is supposed to be more random/amusing/entertaining.

  • the problem says:

    @the problem is not the inclusivity. I’m all for publication people having fun. it’s exclusivity; denying others (if implicitly and not overtly, or even merely by exemption) the pleasure of joining interesting organizations by acting so tight-knit.

    1. Oh, geez. says:

      @Oh, geez. Joining an interest organization does not come with a guarantee of insta-best friends. Both Spec and the B+W are absolutely welcoming to newcomers. I can’t speak for B+W but I know at Spec you don’t have to jump through a million hoops to move up the ranks, and you don’t have to be in the “clique” to get a high position. Don’t be a puss, join either organization if you want to get some good journalistic experience and explore an interest in writing. If you want to make friends, stick with Facebook.

      1. facebook says:

        @facebook is not for making real friends. its for making fake pre-frosh orientation week friends who you’re never going to talk to again, but kinda awkwardly acknowledge when they end up in your discussion section in spring, unless you’re one of THOSE people who thinks reading a facebook profile means you like totally KNOW a person!

        and its also for stalking.

        not making friends.

        cucommunity was good for that though… :-\

  • Joseph Goldstein says:

    @Joseph Goldstein Said is sometimes read in UW. Other times, Said is read at MEALAC functions. At least that’s what the David Project says.

    The David Project is TRUTH.

  • justjewish says:

    @justjewish what’s up with the new jews for jesus craze? they’re everywhere!!

    1. apparently says:

      @apparently they are having their big convention in nyc this summer. someone told me that. so its a rumor, but probably true.

      also, jews for jesus. not actually jews. a ploy of some baptists in the 1960s.

  • kr says:

    @kr Aw man. I knew it would be fun. I went to sleep early and forgot about it.

  • A Few Things says:

    @A Few Things In response to #32, I would like to register my confusion: everyone seems to agree that joining a group does not come automatically with friends. Poster #30 seemed to feel as though the goups of friends in the organizations was a deterrent to joining them, which is understandable, even if it should by overcome.

    No one ever really accused Jesus f*r Jews of having anything to do with Judaism. See if you all can find the bit on their website on Steve Jobs that was in Gothamist the other day.

    While I’m at it, this one has been bothering me for a while: what color am I supposed to type when the bar at the botom looks sort of whitish / off white / tan / pale yellow? I can’t figure out what color it is supposed to be and I keep losing posts…

    1. zhb says:

      @zhb periwinkle.

    2. Zach vS says:

      @Zach vS We usually refer to that as “yellow” or possibly “orange”, depending on which one it is. Check the gamma on your laptop monitor.

  • wait says:

    @wait what is the birch?

  • Weird says:

    @Weird And as for the other dozen or so publications on campus, I guess they’re just invisible.

    1. this says:

      @this is officially a stupid conversation.

  • if we must bash campus publications says:

    @if we must bash campus publications at least mention columbia review. dear god.

  • Dirt McGirt says:

    @Dirt McGirt Girl, you know ima take care a you, cuz you say you got my baby and I know it ain’t true

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