There’s something different about Columbia’s homepage, and it’s not wittier news headlines. A few days ago, eagle-eyed website watcher Chris Szabla noticed that the two spades on Columbia’s crown logo have morphed back into crosses, prompting our tipster to wonder whether the Campus Crusade for Christ had paid off or if there are more divine forces at work. If the latter, He could move a little faster: the secular crown is still visible on many University webpages. Today, CU Public Affairs explained in a note that they made the “very slight” change “in order to maintain a simple design while also more accurately echoing the classic crown that is distinctively ‘Columbia.'” Bwog reached Vice President for Communications David Stone as he was leaving for the weekend–let us know what you’re thinking and we’ll relay questions when we talk to him next week.

Meanwhile, one Bwog staffer recalled a comment made by one professor last year about the pre-spade iteration: we should obviously remove the crosses since we are all no longer Christians, but keeping the crown seems quite fine as the majority of students remain staunch monarchists.

Amen to that!