The savages depart

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CO HOPpers, BOPpers, and ROPpers left this morning on their respective journeys, casting nervous glances skyward at the gathering rain clouds (sorry guys), not to return until the night before the rest of 2010 moves in. Other than torrential rains, may neither bears, bugs, nor homicidal escaped convicts ruin your excellent adventures!

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  1. ned flanders

    godspeed, campereenos.

  2. crap  

    when do the new frosh move in. i want to make sure i'm strapped in before they start drooling and hopping over everything on campus during nsop.

  3. they arrive

    monday officially. students living nearby can move their stuff in on sunday but don't move in themselves til monday like everyone else.

  4. disillusioned sophomore says...

    that escaped convict is a total hottie

  5. what?

    That doesn't make any sense. Why would you move in your stuff but not stay there?

    People living far away move in on sunday and everyone else moves in on monday

  6. Yeeeeaaah!  

    Count down to the NSOP party begins. What What!

  7. Nooo!  

    Sorry, I meant the COOP party. Not the NSOP Party. The NSOP Party is every night.

  8. disillusioned junior


  9. hot tip  

    there isn't going to be a coop party this year. my first year it was amcafe, sophomore at the west end, and last year at some crappy ec townhouse (so i hear). the word is there won't be one.

  10. Alyo

    poor kids...they couldn't have chosen a worse day to set them loose in the wild. :)

  11. dani

    uh, be careful going down bear mountain, coboppers. I speak from experience.

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