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Along with freshmen, in September Columbia will welcome its newest flight of replacement administrators, stepping into posts vacated at Teachers College, the Medical Center, and JTS. Most recently, Dean of Student Affairs Chris Colombo announced that the University had lured Dr. Ajay Nair from Penn to head up the Office of Multicultural Affairs, one of the hottest seats in the Columbian pantheon.

Currently working on a book about “the potential of hip-hop for crafting solidarities between racial/ethnic groups in America,” Ajay sounds like a pretty cool guy. Let’s just hope he lasts longer than his predecessor.

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  1. fair & balanced opinion:  

    OMA = bloated, pointless, bulbous crock of shit

    • True...  

      But at least you haven't had to sit through and offensive "diversity training" sponsored by none other than OMA. Seriously folks, these people are deluded and DANGEROUS!

      • Anonymous  

        I heard about what they made the NSOP Committee go through. They tried something very similar for the RAs two years ago, but there was such a backlash and so much fury over it that it hasn't been done since.

  2. i think we should  

    get these motherfuckin' pictures off this motherfuckin' site.

    seriously though bwog, what happened to all the pictures.

  3. Yo Bwog

    The new CSS is no good. TOO MANY FONT STYLES. No no no no no.

  4. Yo Bwog

    Actually, I overreacted. I like the change to the comments, but the big font in your face "POSTED BY" line has got to calm down a bit.

  5. lll  

    all about community education

  6. get your  

    anti-oppression training here.

    because even in my daily life i am oppressing people, usually without even thinking.

  7. chris

    can someone give me details on this "anti oppression training" as created by the OMA? Is this mandatory for incoming freshmen?

  8. yeah  

    white privilege is a bitch. i mean, it's just so easy to be racist without realizing it!

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