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In which Bwog apprises you of news important and not. 

Gore? Over. Clinton? Not a chance. But his highness Jeffrey “I’m a rock star” Sachs? Hell yes! This man doesn’t even need to declare a candidacy to run for president–with fans like these, he could end up Commander in Chief by write-in without so much as a wave of his laser pointer. If FDR can do it in a wheelchair, J. Sachs can definitely do it at about 80% of normal male height.


You may think you’re hot shit for getting into Columbia, but next year’s class will be even more selectively chosen: we’re now accepting the Common Application, making Brown the last Ivy holdout. Bwog is sure this has nothing to do with that ninth-place US News and World Report finish. Oh no.

No, this is completely unrelated to Columbia, and yes, Gawker already posted it. But as many people as possible should enjoy the vulgar genius of P. Diddy as possible. Cheers!


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  1. keane  

    Spec put their orientation issue online at and it says they're going to be adding stuff throughout the week. Actually some useful stuff there, so not as bad as the rest of the site.

    • UGH

      spec site is still rancidly fugly, just barely useable now.

      i keep reading their bwogcomment retorts that putting up a good site costs money blah blah, but how come the princetonian, crimson, and pennsylvanian are all easily better looking sites?

  2. false advertising

    bwog, do your homework!

    Admissions Office says: NO COMMON APP!
    (at least, for the next two years)

    Suck on that, Harvard!

  3. oops

    sorry, that was supposed to be a link to the admissions website. just go to the Columbia homepage and then to Prospective Students, then Columbia College, and you're there.

    read it and don't weep, kids.

  4. why

    is Robert Hornsby being asked for comment about the Common App at columbia instead of the dean of admissions?

  5. so...

    are you saying the guy in public affiars is wrong, or that it just doesnt apply to the class of 2011 cycle. the article is pretty poor in terms of the real information it provides.

  6. jeffrey sachs

    can suck my nuts. he has a significant population of students who already think he's a bloviating idiot (who spends way too much time ranting and looking up angelina's skirt) at a university where he should be a unopposed God. President. yeah right. I'd rather have Jervis or Betts.

    • bollinger?

      I would suggest quigley for the top spot but there's that pesky no foreign borns thing...

      but really, columbians, we have to start putting some of our own (columbia educated) in that big white house. sadly, that's not likely to happen if we allow any rifraff in off the common app...or maybe, judging by harvard and yale's success, it will

      • we spend too much

        time complaining we're oppressed and taking politically unwise though honorable jobs at amnesty/aclu/hrw to send the same soul-less trust fund preppies that harvard and yale send to politics

        obama has a shot though

  7. who cares about  

    high school students and college admissions. i don't plan to sire columbia-material offspring for at least another 3 or 4 years.

  8. quiqui

    I also hate Jeffrey Sachs.

  9. Anonymous  

    I want to start a "Draft Glenn Hubbard for President" campaign.

  10. Hornsby

    For the record, the Bloomberg reporter got it all wrong in the headline and the first sentence. I never said what she wrote. You decide--here's the statement I gave her:
    "The Common Application will not be accepted at Columbia this year. We actually see quite a bit of benefit to the Common Application and we intend to accept it, but likely not for a few years. The delay in accepting the Common Application is not due to any judgment as to its value. At present, our application processing method is very technologically advanced. We were, for example, one of the first in our peer group to accept electronic applications and to evaluate candidates in a paperless environment. We have gained so much in terms of efficiency integrating our online application system with our digital imaging system, and we want to ensure that, as we incorporate the Common Application into the mix, the process remains efficient and seamless."

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