In which Bwog apprises you of news important and not. 

Gore? Over. Clinton? Not a chance. But his highness Jeffrey “I’m a rock star” Sachs? Hell yes! This man doesn’t even need to declare a candidacy to run for president–with fans like these, he could end up Commander in Chief by write-in without so much as a wave of his laser pointer. If FDR can do it in a wheelchair, J. Sachs can definitely do it at about 80% of normal male height.


You may think you’re hot shit for getting into Columbia, but next year’s class will be even more selectively chosen: we’re now accepting the Common Application, making Brown the last Ivy holdout. Bwog is sure this has nothing to do with that ninth-place US News and World Report finish. Oh no.

No, this is completely unrelated to Columbia, and yes, Gawker already posted it. But as many people as possible should enjoy the vulgar genius of P. Diddy as possible. Cheers!