It would be against Bwog’s better judgement to post this quasi-sensationalist personnel gossip… but… now that we’ve told you there is quasi-sensationalist personnel gossip, we can’t leave you hanging..?

An anonymous tipster sent Bwog this excerpt of a personal email from Columbia’s Human Resources department describing some inter-office identity theft.

“On August 15, 2006, an employee in Columbia’s HR department was found to have misused the personal information of certain Columbia employees. The employee has been arrested by the New York Police Department, and its investigation is ongoing. The information included, among other things, names, social security numbers, home addresses, telephone numbers, and direct deposit bank account information. Unfortunately, it appears that this employee may have accessed your information….”

Bwog will also refrain from pointing out the irony of an identity thief posing as someone who does background checks for a living. Oops.