Not to be outdone, Madonna has hopped on the African-orphan-hugging bandwagon with a $3 million donation to J. Sachs’ Millennium Voices foundation, which will help villages in the malaria-infested African nation of Malawi. The rocker chalks up her newfound generosity to having had kids of her own, as well as the giving spirit of Jewish mysticism–a new orphan care center will have programs based on Spirituality for Kids, the Kabbalah children’s program.

Sachs chides celebrity-shy critics: “Of course there are no doubt people who on a fling say something, but that’s not what Madonna’s doing, it’s not what Angelina’s doing, it’s not what Bono’s doing…the cynics are just wrong. They don’t get it.”

Bwog cheers! And wants the Olsen twins to be next.