Winner of a bronze medal at the 2002 Olympics, figure skater Timothy Goebel, 25, (the first American to land a quadruple jump in competition, and the first skater in the world to land a quadruple salchow) is enrolling at GS this Fall. Now that he’s broken all the records, Goebel will strip off the flashy spandex to don a tailored suit. He plans to major in finance and pursue a career in investment banking.

At least he realized his childhood dream before selling out.

In other news, Columbia researchers have been paid close to $17 million to research arsenic.

And there’s a nasty squabble brewing at the J-school. Two editors quit managing a website associated with the Columbia Journalism Review after funding was cut in half to give more money to the print mag. New media proponents are outraged.

Thanks to Prem Mittal for the tips.