Damn those feds! The New York Sun reports that the Environmental Protection Agency has slapped Columbia with a $135,000 fine for failing to test sulfur levels in fuel used for the central steam plant, pushing emissions past levels set by the Clean Air Act. Which means it’s a little harder for us all to breathe in this sweltering humidity-fest.

Bwog is confident this was just an innocent mistake. But the news comes after a damning story in the Chronicle of Higher Education telling of how a University-owned research vessel killed whales with the noise from their air guns in the Gulf of California. People complained and the experiment stopped, but that won’t bring the whales back to life!

All a little ironic, considering this summer’s launch of a new site dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship on campus. “Together, our faculty and staff are committed to ensuring that Columbia University is run in an efficient and environmentally conscious manner,” says PrezBo.

Walk the walk, guys.