[email protected] back in action…sort of?

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Well, as promised, Bored at Butler is back up before the school year has started…or a generic, universalized for other universities, less usable version thereof. Now called ChatterU, it’s, um … a really cool name? 

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  1. xyz affair

    not only is it not really columbia affiliated, it's not even anonymous! you have to submit your email to participate! too much risk there. that kills that permanently.

  2. clearly

    whoever decided to go through with this has not experienced the rise and fall of campusnetwork...

    • you mean  

      the rise, the peak, the slow decline, the stagnation, the takeover by Spanish Fascists, and the sudden disappearance?

      • Erf

        There was no rise. A huge chunk of the population stopped using Cucom in the transitional week, and membership just dropped after that.

        Campusnetwork was totally underpromoted at other schools, and unless whathisface from [email protected] finds a way to promote it at other schools as effective as his Butler poster campaign, it will fail.

  3. anon  

    what are you so afraid of bwog? competition?

  4. Anonymous

    whoa. talk about the end of an era.

  5. another thing...  

    you only need to enter your email address when you're not on columbia's campus. if you're here, it goes strait to the website just like the other one.

  6. tools

    haha nice double meaning with the tags

  7. yeah

    every attempt to be the next mark zuckerberg fails. so quit the attempt at entrepreneurship and give us [email protected] back.

  8. i met  

    zuckerberg two years ago in front of ec. this columbian was like, meet my friend zuckerberg. i was like, the zuckberg to which he replied indeed.

    needless to say, my request for friendship was denied. the founder is hardly a liberal granter of friendship.h

  9. goldberg

    Is adam goldberg making anything now? Is he back on campus or did he graduate? What's he up to? anyone?

  10. this is

    bull crap. another nifty little columbia site killed by misguided entrepeneurship.


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