JJ’s Goes Flat

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As if choice chicken wings and cheese sticks weren’t enough, JJ’s now offers flatscreen TVs at several of its private booths. One staff member says, “I think it’s a big improvement. The kids who graduated would be really jealous if they knew about this. Welcome to the new JJ’s.” 

jjs pic 4Students tonight were watching everything from the news to action movies to Sex and the City. The loud music and blaring flourescent lights still prevail, though, and one student had to turn on the captions on her flatscreen because the volume can’t compete.

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pc 5 jjs 

jjs pic 2

The new glass cashier’s desk is quite snazzy.




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  1. AHHH  


  2. Sounds Good  

    It caters to the late-night stoners even more!

  3. hey wait

    don't they have something like this up at yale?

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