There oughtta be a law

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– There are 20 floors in the East Campus highrise.

– There are 722 residents.

– There are two elevators.

– Schapiro has 16 floors, 415 residents, and four elevators.

– Broadway has 14 floors, 372 residents, and four elevators. 

Bwog marvels. And waits, interminably.




  1. Tenant's Club

    When you live in highly subsidized housing in Morningside Heights, you shouldn't have a right to complain.

  2. Isn't  

    723 the occupancy for the entire building- townhouse + high rise?

    The ratio of students:elevator is still off though. Of course EC was built 7 years before Schap and 19 before broadway. requirements and expectations change I suppose.

  3. but  

    Schapiro only has 3 elevators....

  4. why is  

    bwog so east campus centric? where's the news about sulz and furnald?!

  5. bwog  

    is getting really boring.

  6. Also  

    by my count, EC only has 12 floors you can stop on.

  7. Also  

    by my count, EC only has 12 floors you can stop on.

  8. average asshole  

    u guys are boring, bwog officially sucks balls

  9. boooo  

    this sucks worse than our football team.

  10. booo...urns

    um. nothing sucks worse than our football team.

  11. bwahaha  

    go ec townhouses

    by the way. nobody cares about your crappy ra dorm rooms so they won't talk about pathetic furnald or the quad

  12. john  

    this is an excellent bwog post.

  13. wow  

    speccies are getting bitter early this year.

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