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A review of East Campus—the housing option that almost makes it feel like you’re living that NYC, TV-style dream life, with incredible views and multi-level dorm options.

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EC aka the Promised Land. An EC high-rise suite is the cream of the crop for seniors who want to live with their friends with a nice view and don’t mind a little freshman vomit every now and then. 

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Ahh, EC. The sophomore’s wet dream. The junior’s reach. The senior’s promise. Securing a suite in East Campus is the milestone every CU student pictures in their head as they slowly decay through housing selection. Spilling b*er on the couches. Accidentally running a Tide Pod through the dishwasher.

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Following a period of rainy, humid weather, some students in East Campus Residence Hall are finding mold in their rooms. The mold is not only a major inconvenience but also a health concern for students. Sports Editor Abby Rubel tackles the mold issue. As though having to cook on a hot plate wasn’t enough of a […]

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EC townhouse and high-rise suites will not have traditional stoves or ovens next year. Here’s why, and how it will affect you. In an email sent last Friday, Columbia Housing announced that due to ongoing renovations, EC suites will not have functioning stoves or ovens for the 2018-19 school year. In its place, Housing will supplement suites with hot plates […]

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Ah, beautiful, beautiful EC. Perhaps the holy grail of Columbia dorms. This housing review will give you the lowdown on one of the types of dorms you can get in EC, the high rise.  Location: Technically 70 Morningside Drive, but accessible via Wien Courtyard or Ancel Plaza (aka the above-ground plaza outside Law and IAB). Nearby dorms: […]

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A suite of EC residents awoke on Thursday after 40s on 40 to find that a rude party pooper had entered their suite, defecated in their dishwasher, and vomited in their bathroom. We spoke to Jac Kovarik, one of the residents of the affected suite, about what went down. She said the defecator must have entered […]

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A Clery Crime Alert was sent out tonight reporting a sexual assault in the East Campus residence hall on Saturday, November 21st between 3:00 and 4:30 in the morning. The text is included below: On Saturday November 21, 2015 Public Safety was notified of a sexual assault that occurred inside of East Campus between the hours of 3:00am […]

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We sent Bwog’s decoration devotee Roberta Barnett to check out Columbia’s own North Pole in EC. She wasn’t disappointed with her findings: It’s finals holiday season, and the days (and nights in Butler) are full of warmth and brightness and clichés!  For those of us who haven’t stopped studying except maybe to check Bwog, shower, […]

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Laptop Thefts in EC

Update, 11:30 am: Kristin Sylvester, Associate Director of the Office of Residential Programs, and Ricardo Morales, Manager of the Crime Prevention Programs both sent out emails to residents confirming the thefts. Both are after the jump. Update, 11:11 am: According to Terry Martinez: “As in previous cases, several laptops,  iPods, and chargers were stolen from […]

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Either these lamps in EC, fully prepared with their thinking hats, are ready for classes or another crazy weekend in EC has restored campus to its natural harmony.  Either way, this scene from yesterday is a sign that school’s back in full swing.

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CCSC convened. Bwog’s Brian Wagner survived to bring you this harrowing account: DON’T FORGET TO VOTE! Quick hits: All the candidates for next year attended; College Days is coming up; prepare your coin purses, because Penny Wars is on the horizon; a committee on the Student Council elections process is being formed to review electoral policy, rules, […]

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Location: 70 Morningside Dr. Nearby dorms: Wien. That’s literally it. Stores and restaurants: HamDel, Appletree Market, SubsConscious, Kitchenette (!) No banks or large grocery stores, but there is a Citibank ATM on the 4th floor of SIPA. Amenities: AC/Heating: Yes and yes. Kitchen/Lounge: Yes and Yes. Also a hall lounge. Kitchens are very nice and […]

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There is a Residential Programs brunch happening now until 2pm with a lot of food and a suggested donation of $3 that will go to the Haiti Relief efforts on campus. Stop by EC now!

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