Ever get the feeling that a bulding hates you?

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Szablas UrisSpectator
reported yesterday that the Business School’s Uris Deli has banished all forms of parental food finance: Flex, Dining Dollars, and First-Year Points are henceforth useless. It seems someone at the business school doesn’t want undergraduates clogging their territory any longer; this would also explain why professional power-lunchables (think spoiled sushi and oniony sandwiches) are the only remaining offering at Uris.

With this development, Café 212 in Lerner is the last bastion of deli sandwiches–which, Bwog will note, remains open to graduate students. Likewise, those hankering for bubble tea and smoothies will have to trudge down to Lerner and get their daily fix at soon-to-open Cafe East.

Bwog correspondent Christopher Szabla adds that the B-School copy machines no longer accept Flex either, adding bite to that unfriendly facade. Bwog wonders at the economic inefficiency, and sulks.


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  1. Anonymous  

    there are deli sandwitches in mudd and they take flex.

  2. Anonymous  

    there are deli sandwitches in mudd and they take flex.

  3. yeah but  

    what non-engineer ever dares enter mudd?

  4. Also  

    Why would Tea and Tea leave/move? They were making a killing in the old location. What doesn't the business school understand about that? Here's to hoping they re-open soon, in a bigger space at least.

  5. what the  

    hell do we need a business school for? Kick those square-bookbag bastards off our campus! And you can't get any food at Carleton without solving the cashier's PDE. good luck guys!

  6. mlp  

    Any news on what prompted this decision? It seems financially unwise, at least to me. Is there some hidden downside to accepting Dining Dollars and Flex?

  7. CCSC  

    Business School students don't generally use Flex, and they have a very cramped campus. Eliminating the DD and Flex means that most undergraduates will stay away and make life more pleasant for Business School kids. Money, ironically, isn't an issue.

  8. fucking bschool  

    they can take their polos and recruiting parties off campus with the law school, sipa, med school, social work etc. they don't even have to move to manhattanville; there are plenty of ugly tenements around here begging to be turned into glassy MBA factories.

  9. outwithmbas  

    uris deli wasn't ever particularly good anyway - even with made-to-order sandwiches. in fact, i think the real strategy here is to get the MBA students out of the building - reduce the food alternatives and they will not hang around in the middle of the day now. leaves more space for the real people of the building - the phd students and faculty! hahaha

  10. the real question  

    why did removing flex from uris create massive lines at the secret cafe under avery that never itself took dd/flex either?

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