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matisseBwogger Anna Corke reports from work-study in the Art History department… 

There is a stack of give-away fine art posters on a table by the girl’s bathroom on the 8th floor of Schermerhorn. Picasso, Renoir, Matisse, others. Some are ripped, but would still make good editions to boring dorm rooms.

And Izumi Devalier chimes in from SIPA…

In front of the 7th floor IAB elevators you can find a huge box full of free poli sci books discarded by some professor who, from a cursory content analysis, looks like he specializes in post-colonial Algerian agro-economic policy with a modest side of Korean security issues.

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  1. Erf  

    A professor with Korean security issues, eh?

  2. thank you  

    anna corke! my room is just a bit prettier now.

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