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An anonymous first-year tipster reports that the snack attacker is at it again; a cracked-out packet was found on a bench by Low at around 3:20 PM yesterday. Straight from the source:

“Alright, so I read that there was some weirdo leaving nazi crackers on campus.  Well, I dunno if this was a copycat or whatever, but there was definitely a plastic container with some kind of bread in it that said “black magic” on it that had some ass backwards nazi symbols . . . I find it disturbing that I’m paying so much money for Columbia so that some weirdo can scare the shit out of me with anti-semitic food containers.”

Bwog does too, nameless freshie. Who will bring this rapscallion to justice? 



  1. this

    person's vernacular makes me giggle.

  2. i still say  

    this is an insane person. considering it was over the summer too.

    • true  

      who says it has to be a columbia student at all? could be some psycho homeless guy. i guess i'd rather have a homeless guy leave me a hate cracker package than stab me with a saw.

      • that theory  

        is logically flawed. Where would a homeless guy get a food container? And he would have to be pretty adamant about his hate if he's willing to spend bread on it.

        • Anonymous

          why? that container is banged up pretty bad, it could have been found in a trash can. people do throw away plastic containers. there are a lot of crazy homeless people, i'm willing to bet some are crazy enough to give away their food.

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