PrezBo—a college student once, too?

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Bollinger sighting! An anonymous tipster reports:

monkeys“Last night a few friends and I were walking on 116th near the Wein courtyard carrying seven handles of bad vodka and four cases of beer for a party in EC when we passed President Bollinger.  The plastic bags did little to hide the illicit content.  As he walked by one friend said, ‘Hello, Mr. Bollinger.’  PrezBo looked at us, smiled, and said, ‘Hey, guys.’  He’s taller in person.”

Next time, guys, you should invite him along for the party.

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  1. that's  

    PRESIDENT Bollinger to you, bitches

  2. except...

    after "c" or when sounding like "a" in "neighbor" or "weigh"!

  3. Many a time  

    have I seen The Boll looking around for some choice Wiener.

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