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Several times a year, Broadway turns into an Upper West Side-style bazaar, hawking everthing from fur coats to cheap socks. Today, Bwog bypassed the material goods, turning instead to late summer nirvana: the food. 

fried oreosStreet fair culinary options tend to tread the extremes of nutrition: smoothies and falafel nestle in between cholesterol dispensaries, exemplified by fried oreoes. Bwog, which would like to keep its arteries clear at least until its forties, could not bring itself to try them. But we can’t imagine they’d be anything other than orgasmic.

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Anything that requires industrial-size jugs of nutella has to be good.

phad thai

What’s better than a $3.00 plate of phad thai? Answer: a steaming vat of phad thai!

turkey legs

Those are large turkey haunches. And in case you missed it, three out of four people prefer their gyros to the McDonald’s. High praise, indeed! 


  Mozzarepas: a grilled cheese sandwich for the gods. And hell on your digestive tract.


Buckets of olives and pickled vegetables give off a vaguely sour, salty smell, but you might as well get the half gallon size.  

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