What, the M-Side Wasn’t Good Enough?

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denzelFor all ye who aren’t afraid to venture north to see bad-ass celebrities acting all bad-ass, the movie American Gangster, starring Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe, is filming right now on 135th St.—which, although not technically Columbia territory, might well be within the next few years. The plot involves Guns! Drugs! Danger! The 70’s!—in other words, more potential for excitement than Scarlett Johannson could shake a baby at.

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  1. DHI  

    You know when else it's filming?

  2. omg internet

    thank you, bwog, for supplying us with those handy links to russell crowe and denzel washington's imdb profiles.


  3. eww..  

    oh man, Scarlett Johannson shaking a baby...

  4. Bamboo  

    I knew it was him. I saw him walking along Broadway between 110th and 111th on Friday. I did a double take and said, nah... couldn't be him. LOL.

  5. anonymous

    I live on 113th between broadway and riverside and a few days ago a mysterious blue sign appeared above my mailbox announcing that they would be filming at 115th 114th and 113th streets between broadway and riverside in the next few days.

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