Could it be? Spike Lee?

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spikeAs always, Bwog feels compelled to do its part in propagating the scandalous rumor of the week. According to IvyLeak, everyone’s favorite director of racialized films, Spike Lee, is taking a humanities class at Columbia. The grapevine reports he’s in Hamilton from 6:10-8:00 Tuesdays and Thursdays. Bwog assumes he’s taking lit hum, brushing up on his dead white men, and therefore speculates he may be with  G. Gajula (an un-Culpable prof) in section 55, room 607. So we may have pushed your pawn into the conservatory and handed you the lead pipe, but please, don’t do it. He doesn’t need to be stalked by you. He may be at CU, but he’s still too cool for school.

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  1. as i mentioned  

    two weeks ago, my friend spotted him at hamilton at about 6, although this was a monday
    i believe.

  2. rrk  


    I practically walked into him last night in the entry-way. He was walking out at 8:30 while I was walking in.....crazy!

  3. holla  

    I shook his hand outside Hamilton on that Monday. He also told one of my friends who introduced herself that she needed to quit smoking immediately. Always do the right thing.

  4. Jonny Fairplay

    If memory serves me correctly Spike has an MFA in English from Tisch, so I'd love to be there when he drops some science on those LitHummers.

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