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More stuff you shouldn’t have saved on public computers. 

When the buzz gets a little throat, a little brass, a little sass—now we know it’s becoming a man. Not like a cheesy, wheezy clarinetist typing the Hora at the day’s third Bar Mitzvah reception. It’s starting to burst, like a cavalry’s accompaniment, sans jingoism.


Some of my Engineering friends from the SEAS were telling me how they do not understand the concept of interpretation at all. 


MK’s FH was not remarkable. Her SH was another story. She comes from a well-to-do family that expects a lot from her.


Sontag’s point, her argument, and as the French say- her “raison d’être”, is to educate her audience on what her idea of what everyone in the entire world should approach art.


If Albert Einstein did not imagine himself sitting on the beam of light, would he ever find out the theory of relativity?


As the children who used to pitch baseballs on the block are pitching bricks into your fifth floor window, well now, you’re too frantic to control them. You scream so loud it’s soft. The sputter of an empty engine, but five octaves too high, five stories too old, ‘cause you can’t lead the children with notes from your window. Hell, even the pied piper knew that.


Our sample doesn’t seem to contain DNA. On the other hand, we didn’t use microscopes and maybe there were some particles in the sample that contained a very small amount of DNA that we cannot see with our naked eye.



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  1. The last one  

    is incredible.

  2. readings this  

    tells me just how many CU students drop acid before sitting down to work. There is no way any of these were written by sober students who got into a college with a ~10% acceptance rate.

  3. meh

    how do you obtain these treasures?

  4. Anonymous  

    Say what you want about engineers, but I love 'em because you can rely on them to never spew pretentious crap.

    And they can actually fix things!

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