Hot For Teacher, Democratically Speaking

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hotprofYou know it’s true: your professors are hot. Well, maybe not all of them. But, if like most of the rest of us, you’ve ever been sitting in class and were suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to have Molly Murray or Anders Stephanson come out from behind the lectern and give you a private tour of her/his office, whispering sweet bits of poetry and foreign policy in your ear, here’s your chance to let the world know. IvyGate, everyone’s favorite pan-ivy gossip blog, is running a contest to find our esteemed league’s hottest profs. Who will it be? Bwog certainly hopes that the eventual honors will go to a Columbia intellect; with Simon Schama, Janaki Bakhle, Elizabeth Amann, and myriad others on our side, surely we have enough “talent” to clinch the title.

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  1. Y'know,  

    if Gareth Williams doesn't win this, the whole thing is rigged.

  2. Ahhh Bakhle  

    I can't believe that toad Dirks got her.

  3. I want her sooo  

    bakhle bakhle bakhle!

  4. um.  

    both williams and bakhle are not hot.

  5. rp  

    so some of us have been unlucky enough to get unattractive professors so far...any info or pictures on who these hotties are?

  6. Professor  

    Amann is the dark horse who's got the stuff to win.

  7. James Shapiro

    is one handsome devil. Even at 9 AM.

  8. everybody  

    vote for robert jervis.

  9. across the street

    carl wennerlind

  10. Anonymous

    Pics, people, we need pics!

  11. bakhle  

    here's a rather less than flattering photo of her, next to her nerdy hubby dirks

  12. rp  

    adam cannon? you couldn't have been serious

  13. english dept  

    Sarah Cole. Max Minghella's got a crush on her, 'nuff said.

  14. el procrastinator

    max minghella has a thing for older women, it seems.

  15. el procrastinator

    max minghella has a thing for older women, it seems.

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