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We all have guilty pleasures and sometimes that guilty pleasure is the only reason we run to 8:40 lectures. Bwog Finance takes a stab at the pros and cons of having hot professors. Benefit: Your attendance is impeccable. You always go to class and you’re extremely punctual. Cost: You can never pay attention in class. Instead, you count […]

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Since the Eye doesn’t have comment threads, feel free to shout out/nominate/disagree here intead Can we please not hear “Dave Eisenbach” and “sex” in the same sentence ever again Choose-your-own mad libs If all it took was “love and prayer” to make a good omelet… A failure of fairnesss?

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Andrew Delbanco, Columbia’s favorite English professor and just about everybody’s favorite social critic, has put down his more customary meditations on Melville, Lincoln and the like and instead pens his reflections on this year’s election in the current issue of The New York Review of Books.  Although he focuses on what he calls the “race […]

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This week’s New York Times Magazine features a bunch of professors dressed up in really expensive clothing. Why? “These professors make academia look good,” was the explanation proffered. Anyway, naturally this thing is called “Class Acts” and as you can imagine, it is wonderful.  Plus, one of the models is Columbia’s own anthropology professor Michael […]

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New Yorker contributer, neurologist and bearded man Oliver Sacks has been appointed “Columbia artist”, the first position of its kind. You can read about it here.

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Shield Your Eyes

A friend of a Bwog staffer recently attempted to check out a professor on  The professor–Robert Thurman–was not on the site.  

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Bwog contributor Ashley Nin took some time to compile the favorite jokes of a few professors. Hey, they’re not paid for their senses of humor… James Crapotta, Department of Spanish and Latin American Cultures, Barnard A Mexican crosses the border to Texas, hoping to purchase a pair of socks.  He goes into the first store […]

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So, the folks at Gothamist have brought this picture (via flickr) to our attention. According to the information on flickr, this dude is a professor, and he’s standing in the tunnels, our tunnels. Does anyone know his name? Maybe we could send him in as a post-deadline entry to the IvyGate hot prof contest.  

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You know it’s true: your professors are hot. Well, maybe not all of them. But, if like most of the rest of us, you’ve ever been sitting in class and were suddenly overwhelmed by the desire to have Molly Murray or Anders Stephanson come out from behind the lectern and give you a private tour […]

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