It’s a party! It’s a rally! It’s…Anti-Gentrification!

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demottThe awkwardly named 20th Annual Anti-Gentrification Community Awareness Festival, a protest-cum-block party organized by the anti-expansion Coalition to Preserve Community (check out their impressive new site), went down this afternoon down the hill at Tiemann Place. Articles and pictures from the CPC’s past exploits festooned a central table, staffed by its ever-present leader Tom DeMott and Columbia kids from the Student
booksCoalition on Expansion and Gentrification. Bwog was intrigued by the difference between this shindig and the street fairs that occasionally block off Broadway by the main campus, as well as a bookseller’s choice of not one, but two copies of Adam Smith’s Wealth of Nations–boosting awareness of Columbia’s invisible hand, perhaps? Politics aside, Bwog rocked out to the excellent Creamsicles, while avoiding flying tennis balls from a game taking place in the middle of the street. Heads!


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  1. libertarian  

    the point of smith there was probably to invoke a libertarian argument against eminent domain (i.e. government intervention in the economy). I'm not sure what smith would have advocated upon seeing the sorry economic state of manhattanville (or the depression- praise be to roosevelt we didn't follow his philosophy to its logical conclusion there).

  2. geez  

    i find it absolutely ridiculous that these people believe their rallying will do anything remotely significant to change what will inevitably happen: columbia winning. let's face it, columbia has power. columbia has money. nothing can beat that.

    • ghost of 1968  

      nothing short of destroying the university's reputation and forcing its donors to retreat in horror after occupying its buildings and provoking a violent police crackdown...

      • students  

        are so different now.. if anything on the scale of 1968 happens now, ill buy you a slice a pizza. i mean ive seen pictures of what protests and rallies at columbia in the sixties look like; now youre lucky to get 30 people at a "protest" - and you need to advertise free food to even get those 30

    • problem is  

      these people are living in the sixties. ever met the organizers? demott and kappner are poster-boy aging hippies in appearance, ideology, and delusions

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