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elleSorry to disappoint. That vision in pink you may have seen preening on Low Steps is actually Laura Belle Bundy, playing Elle Woods in the upcoming Broadway musical Legally Blonde, which debuts at the Palace Theater in April. She and her coterie of publicists, camera people, and small dog held their publicity shoot on Low Steps because, as overheard by a frequent Bwog tipster, “I know it takes place at Harvard Law School, but this is the closest we could do.”

Bwog is unsure of whether or not to be offended. Elle wouldn’t have gotten into Columbia anyway.


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  1. blame broadway

    so that's why there were cables all over the place this morning. i almost tripped.

    • actually  

      actually, I think that the cables had something to do with the lecture in low last night. I went in there to go to campus security and they were setting up cameras and lights and stuff

  2. DHI  

    I saw them drawing on her face, and was pretty impressed by her ability to be completely motionless while they did so.

  3. Anonymous  

    I went to ask one of the camera guys what was going on (in the most polite way I could, I assure you) and he gave me the death stare and kept walking.

    What a dick.

  4. lbb fan  

    it's laura bell bundy.

  5. ya damn

    skippy, she wouldn't have gotten in!!

  6. wickedislove

    lauraa!! i'm so happy she's in LB. i'm not to thrilled about LB going to broadway but, laura is a great elle. maybe i'll actually go watch the show.

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