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Our, um, highest congratulations to the art history department, who have installed a coffee machine in a lounge in Schermerhorn. They’ve circulated the news like it’s the birth of the Messiah. Or something.

And they’re going to charge!?

Read the gospel email after the jump.

Dear Art History Community,

As many of you are now aware, a new coffee machine has graced the new

lounge space in what was the old slide library on the 8th floor of

Schermerhorn. For those of you who have not had the chance to try it

out, please do so at your earliest convenience.

Currently, we are in a trial phase with the machine and so costs have

been minimal for the department. However, once this period ends at the

end of October, the department expects to incur a level of expense

that must be partially offset so as to be able to continue to provide this

service in the future. Therefore, starting on or around Nov.1, the

machine will no longer be free, but will cost $0.25 per use.

Thank you for your understanding.


Joshua Sakolsky

Business Manager

Columbia University Dept. of Art History & Archaeology

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  1. aw,  

    come on, they probably just want to give whoever's on that e-mail list the hookup while it's still free and are doing it in a weird way so as to retain some illusion of being businesslike about it.

  2. Ah!  

    The Art History department is so cute. What I don't understand is how we're supposed to pay.

  3. varun  

    i'll be damned if they somehow incorporate dining dollars into this shebang.

  4. meta

    this should get the "free food" tag, imo.

  5. and  

    the German department (3rd floor Hamilton) has had coffee and tea for a while; I think they just have a cup you can put a quarter in.

  6. meeeeeeeeeeeee

    i love the art history department. everyones so adorable. and the kids are really hot. it's great.

  7. moe  

    regarding post 2: there is a slot for quarters in the machine.

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