SEAS victor: a split ticket!

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catSo much for party unity–50% of SEAS freshman turned out for the ESC 2010 election this evening, selecting four candidates from three different parties. Your new class officers are:

President – Heather Lee, the SHT!

Vice President – Lili Gu, Nonstop

Class Representatives – Gunnar Aasen, Nonstop, and Kelly Chen, Fuugle

Bwog is confident that bipartisanship will prevail. 

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  1. uhhh

    WHO CARES...Just another in a long list of useless accomplishments for them to put on thier over embellished resumes...

  2. notice  

    the class representatives are the best-looking ones. haha. it's okay, i voted for them both.

  3. political cynic  

    Any word as to whether these hotties will band together to form a coalition or will student council be divided by partisan back stabbing? Whose agenda will be pushed? How would the president feel in handing over power to her erstwhile enemy cum VP in the event that she is removed from office? Can we expect President Lee to be hiring interns for her administration? Does she still have the SHT!'s support during her first hundred days? Will Democracy be upheld or will Columbia's bureaucracy be the entrenched overseas conflict that zaps our resources, steals the attention of our student government, and divides the support of the freshmen constituency?

    I am confident that Bwog should realise that this is an example of tri-partisanship. Also, Bwog should realise thath is an exercise in vanity and no one actually cares.

    PS. To #1, I think most people look at Freshman representative to the student council as a joke. Seriously. It's like universally known as worthless.

  4. very good....

    it was a joke, mwah ha hahaha!!!!

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