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Bwog goes voyeuristic

wrestlersGood gracious! Passersby South Lawn a few hours ago were treated to the sight of Columbia’s fine wrestling team thundering down the turf in a series of grueling sprints. One tipster was particularly piqued by the presence of sophomore Sal Tirico–sorry honey, he’s taken. All the same, Bwog fully endorses the practice of half-clothed athletic conditioning in public places. 




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  • wrestling edition says:

    @wrestling edition please, for your next trick, can you put the whole team up on the bwog date block ;)

  • they can't do that says:

    @they can't do that coz half the team would have to come out first.

    1. you witty bastard says:

      @you witty bastard hahahaha…

    2. random says:

      @random Your just jealous!… trust me theyre not gay….

  • wrestling edition II says:

    @wrestling edition II even better.

  • taken? says:

    @taken? in a relationship + interested in random play = fair game

  • yeah. says:

    @yeah. they’re bi

  • right says:

    @right you might wish they were

  • nope says:

    @nope these comments are all really creepy

  • not gay says:

    @not gay because dressing in very tight outfits + engaging in intimate physical relations with other men + smelling said men’s crotches in said physical relations + being neat and fit DOES NOT EQUAL gay

    1. being neat... says:

      @being neat... ha ha ha ….. have u met any of them?

      1. "neat" says:

        @"neat" just fits very well with “fit”. I know full well that they’re generally careless slobs.

        1. You're An Idiot says:

          @You're An Idiot So being fit makes you gay now? No wonder why this country has problems with obesity. So I am guessing you are either fat or gay by your description.

          1. eh. take it easy says:

            @eh. take it easy this entire post and set of comments is kind of a lark. one of the dozens of bwog correspondents obviously wet herself when she realized there were actually guys who like played sports and worked out here and put out a post basically guy gawking.

            Considering the tone of her piece, it shoudl be expected the team shoudl take some good natured trash for it.

          2. Logical says:

            @Logical Actually it would seem logical that the poster of the article should receive the good natured trash, not the team. I am sure the team had nothing to do with any of this. I also find it hard to believe the trash talking as good natured when you are questioning someone’s sexuality and you have never even met them.

          3. not really says:

            @not really the group that’s being praised here are the wrestlers. they’re being judged to be the hot ones. its not a surprise if jealous guys or bitch girls want to take shots at that.

            either way. i’m sure they’re not that hurt. they’re wrestlers, i doubt they’ll be bothered

        2. You're An Idiot says:

          @You're An Idiot So being fit makes you gay now? No wonder why this country has problems with obesity. So I am guessing you are either fat or gay by your description.

    2. Lauren says:

      @Lauren West myself… I did, Wrestlers are basically the hottest guys on campus and in response to “not gay”.. my advice to you is put down the pizza, shut off the porn, go to the gym, and please try to get some. You probably won’t but HEY it’s worth a shot… and keep telling yourself that you can talk yourself out of “BEING GAY”..

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