In which anonymous Tipster reports mysterious Figure.

Last night, around midnight, I saw a mysterious figure putting up these posters around campus. When I asked her what they were all about, she said that she likes to “jump around the roofs of Hartley” and is looking for a sidekick to accompany her. When I asked her how she even got up there, she said “I have secret ways that I can’t tell you unless you end up becoming my sidekick.”  Then we had the following dialogue:

Figure: It’s hard because, well, the problem is that your sidekick really has to be just a little bit less attractive than you are.

Tipster: Is that why you’re requiring pictures?  To make sure they’re uglier than you?                                      

Figure: Maybe.                                   

Since then, every single poster that I saw has been taken down.  It is possible that there are others that I have missed, but last night, I saw three different ones that are now gone.  I don’t know if this implies an overwhelming interest, or a change of heart on the part of the post-er, or that the pre-existing Ninjas are upset by the prospect of competition and have sought to discourage it. Perhaps this is simply the business of the night.