careersYoung, fresh faces in suits have been a frequent sight on campus recently, as seniors scuttle around to consulting presentations and finance interviews. This afternoon, they all converged on Roone Arledge for the annual Career Fair, a room full of smiling representatives from companies with names like Ameritrade and the Analysis Group. Feeling contentedly underdressed, Bwog wandered the aisles, cadging the odd clicky pen and glossy brochure. UBS has branded chocolates!

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deathMeanwhile, death waits at the door — and she’s recruiting, too. Her sign reads “One day interning for the wrong company feels like an eternity in hell. Save yourself! GlobalTech Research








McKinsey, the alpha and omega of consulting, decided to give the fair a miss. Word is they’ve already found Columbia’s share of their freshman class. Got to get up earlier for those guys…