Lydia DePillis and Christopher Morris-Lent report on today’s Homecoming game. Special thanks to Charles Clavey for his photos.

It is generally true that suburban high schools are much better at football than their urban counterparts.  If we extrapolate this axiom and apply it to this afternoon’s contest between Princeton and Columbia, then the unhappy outcome should come as no surprise.

Throughout the first half, a succession of three-and-outs characterized Columbia’s moribund offense, and though the defense stalwartly stifled Princeton time and time again, Princeton was eventually able to poke the football past the line and into the end-zone.  Columbia’s offense responded by once again failing to gain a first down, and the defense surrendered another quick touchdown to put the score at 14-0.

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Our offense managed a slightly more inspired effort that again ended in failure.  But the defense struck back with an interception deep in Princeton territory, setting up an easy touchdown pass to put the Lions on the board.  The extra point bounced lamely off the uprights, and Princeton went into the break with a 14-6 lead.

Following the homecoming festivities – shenanigans detailed below! – the offense was able to manage a first down, but still ended up making an inconsequential punt.  In spite of the Lions’ fastidious defense, the offense failed to compile a good drive, and Princeton’s offense was nearly always on the field.  Later, Princeton managed another field goal, and finally iced the game with an insulting safety to win 19-6.  As the score may indicate, Columbia’s defense was strong enough to keep the game within tantalizing reach.  But the offense, deceptively prolific in its previous two contests, today lacked in speed, strength, efficiency, and dependability. 

During half-time, the Princeton marching band, in their orange blazers and stovepipe hats, had just taken the field when a pair of Columbia hooligans ran across the track with a huge banner that read: “COLUMBIA JIZZES ON PRINCETON BITCHES.” To the crowd’s great amusement, event staffers ripped away the banner and chased the perpetrators across the Princeton section, finally collaring them when they reached the end of the bleachers. But the two boys had accomplished their mission – nobody could remember what the Princeton band had talked about in their comedic monologue. The Lions have a brief non-Ivy respite next Saturday against Iona.


The team during half-time. 


The infamous banner.