This week, Bwog will be featuring candidates for leadership of the Columbia College class of 2010. Tools? Visionaries? You decide–vote next Tuesday!

matthewName, Party:
Matthew Lemle Amsterdam, Freshmen First

Hometown: New York

Home Dorm: Carman

The Man: I have always felt a profound love for Columbia. One of the first songs I ever learned as a small child was “Roar Lion Roar” when my father would take me to the Lions football games. Now that I am finally here, I want to make a difference and make Columbia even better. I’m from New York. I’m a huge fan of the Yankees, Giants and Knicks. My favorite book is “All the King’s Men,” and my favorite movie is “Goodfellas.”

The plan: Columbia is obviously really great. But we think that there are some things that can be improved on. We want to work on making dorm life better, by fixing the elevators and showers, reexamining the dry-dorm policy, etc. We want to make this year as fun as possible by having some great social events. We’ll work with the administration and Alumni Board on issues such as financial aid and studying abroad. We call ourselves “Freshmen First” because we will always put the needs of the freshman first.

If I was an historical leader, I’d be:
FDR, only, you know, without the polio.

If I was an ice cream flavor, I’d be: Rum Raisin. Make of that what you will.

Ian Crone of The Party, who did not send a picture, is after the jump.


Name, Party: Ian Crone, The Party

Home town: Manchester, CT

Home dorm: John Jay

The man: I’m very politically interested, even though my experience with student government has been bad.  I talk a lot. I’m a politics/sci-fi geek. I like hats.  I’m a strong believer in Democracy.  My favorite Philosopher is J.S. Mill and my favorite baseball player is Derek Jeter.  (Yankees Fan for going on 12 years)  I worked for Ned Lamont’s campaign this summer, and at the OD (Office Depot). 

The plan: I was 9th grade class president, got fed up with it, quit, and mocked student council all through high school.  But hopefully as Class President of CC ’10 I can do more than decide what flavor of punch to have at Prom.  As President, I’d like to expand the “CUID as Room Key” program from beyond River to other dorms, get a printer for general use on every floor of every dorm, get some microwaves on floors in Carman, and maybe a Kitchen for everyone to use like they have in Carman.  I’m open to suggestions (E-mail me at “  I identify perhaps most with Napoleon, in that we’re both short, megalomaniacal, and doomed by our arrogance to fail (though as president I shall make it a point not to get involved in a land war in Asia).

If I were an historical leader, I’d be: Jon Stewart is not a historical figure, but I’d give my right testicle to be as incisive as he is.

If I were an ice cream flavor, I’d be: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia, in that we both come in small packages, have a sweet taste, and little chunks of things floating around inside. Also, because I like Cherry Garcia.  And the Grateful Dead.