jazzSo ROLM phones are a relic of early nineties communication technology. But Bwog may have found an incentive to quell that blinking light. At 1:10 this morning, the Center for Jazz Studies spammed your ROLM phone-mail system with some psychedelic jazz and a smooth-talking announcer who posited some hypotheticals for us all to consider in anticipation of an upcoming concert:

“At what point does opera meet the blue angel called jazz? At what point does improvisation meet the composer’s score? At what place does the secular touch the sacred?”

Duke Ellington is the answer! As are Barnard alum, singer Alicia Hall Moran and famed pianist Jason Moran, who will engage jazz heads in an “intimate conversation in music” tonight.

Die-hard ROLMers shouldn’t be surprised by the message, and indeed have been known to wait excitedly for the Center’s traditionally cryptic ROLM broadcasts.

Instructions for accessing the jazz after the jump.


To listen to the voice mail:

1. Set up your mailbox but picking up your phone and pressing the “message waiting button”

2. Immediately Press #

The system will then lead you through a process with voice prompts.  If you have not yet set up your voice mail, or if you do not yet have a password, your password will be 222.