QuickSpec: raised eyebrow edition

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  1. ughh  

    i hate miriam's column. that is all

  2. Ah!  

    The Bwog redesign is starting to do it for me.

  3. good lord  

    stop it already, miriam. ughhhh.

  4. reference  

    miriam is a word slut? Is she fucking someone with talent? oh, it didn't work that time

  5. hmm  

    i liked her column this week...

  6. no, she  

    really overextended this "need to feel wanted" specifically to men. Being a stereotypical player is the opposite of the need to feel wanted.

    It would be more accurate to say "Want. Sex. Wanting to have sex"

  7. imo

    in my opinion, the sex columnist should be attractive. that's just my opinion, though.

  8. juanathon wang  

    "I cannot understand the indecipherable entity that is the male species"

    Fine qualifications for a sex columnist!

    Her last column was about pornography, and this one is whiningly needy. Anyone else get the feeling she has not gotten laid in a while?

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