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Chris Kulawik’s cheerful visage graced Fox News’ Hannity and Colmes this evening. While expressing shame at being a member of the Columbia community, he appeared the picture of moderation next to Minuteman Founder Jim Gilchrist, who called protesters the “anarcho-fascists” and the “21st century KKK,” noting that he would have given the protesters a “Minuteman knuckle sandwich.”

“They are domestic terrorists,” he said, his eyes wide. “Their goal is to disrupt and deprive everyone of the first amendment except for themselves.”  

The video of Bill O’Reilly’s take on the events from tonight’s O’Reilly Factor is on the Fox News site now, and Bwog’s got the footage of the Hannity and Colmes segment below… Ok, yes, we did tape a television screen. Silly Columbia TVs don’t have “video out” holes! It’s the sound that matters, really…

Meanwhile, in our self-Googling, we came up with this gem:

“Special honorary mention, also, to the courageous young journalists at BWOG who unflinchingly told the tale of the brave young jihadis who sought to protect the warriors of Islam from the vigilante infidels of the Minuteman Project.”

It’s nice to be appreciated?

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  1. Ghen  

    That "jihad" blog has plant written all over it. What nonsense.

  2. searching  

    Where on the Fox site?

  3. searching  

    But what about the footage with Kulawik?

  4. dobbs transcript  


    DOBBS: Well, there is a great question about what this federal government is doing on the entire issue of our illegal immigration crisis, of course. And the enforcement of any immigration law which brings us to exactly where the folks in Escondido have found themselves and indeed much of the nation. Thank you very much, Casey Wian.

    In New York City last night, illegal alien amnesty supporters in an unusual setting attacked Jim Gilchrist, the founder of the Minutemen Project. Gilchrist had just taken the stage at New York's Columbia University. That's right Columbia University. Columbia Television News was videotaping the event. As you see, suddenly, Columbia students stormed the stage forcing Gilchrist to run for his safety.

    Students waving banners claiming, quote, "No one is ever illegal." Those chanted slogans of the illegal alien amnesty movement. Thankfully no one was hurt but Columbia's reputation as a university is in question tonight as Columbia University Republicans who sponsored the events says this demonstration proves there is no free speech on their campus. And they have the evidence to prove their point.

    Minutemen, whether you like them or not, have been the target of violent protests and demonstrations by illegal aliens and their supporters all this year. Protests across the country, calling the Minutemen racist, all because of their nonviolent efforts to protect borders and keep out illegal aliens.

    And for the record, not one single incident on the part of the Minutemen throughout its efforts to patrol the borders is a volunteer group -- Columbia University, you ought to be ashamed. And I'll tell you, much of this nation who cares about such things as free speech is ashamed of you.

    Turning to cities across the nation who have passed tough new ordinances against illegal immigration, other cities are declaring themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens under so-called sanctuary policies, local police are forbidden to ask the immigration status of people they come in contact with. They are forced to ignore the immigration status of criminals, even violent criminals. And by the way, those sanctuary laws are against federal law. Bill Tucker reports.

  5. well  

    i for one will gladly foot the bill to pay for kulawik's transfer applications to other universities. i wouldn't want him to feel embarassed any longer. hasn't he suffered enough?

  6. roar lion roar  

    It's nice to see the mainstream media is in top form. I love how the protesters are the ones attacking people with no mention of the minutemen and Republicans (including Kulawik, who kicked a woman in the face...check the videotape out on Univision)physically attacking people.

    Fox News. Grrreat.

  7. DHI  

    Yo I totally saw Kulawik kill like 8 Nazis with a sword when they were protesting the holocaust.

  8. just overheard  

    some girl who i'm assuming is a republican, she was saying kulawik is going to be on fox and friends? tommorow morning

  9. H&C performance  

    Chris Kulawik probably loves Hannity, so I can't say that what he said was surprising, but he could at least have mentioned that the stage-rushing protesters represent a lunatic fringe and have nothing do to with the overwhelming majority of students. Instead he let Hannity spew that sensationalistic, misrepresentative bullshit. Agree with the guy's politics, Chris, but have the intellectual honesty to call bullshit once in a while.

  10. Anonymous

    I think it's sad that we have the occasional PR bomb that goes off every year that really turns off students and alumni. Whether it is the BSO, LGBT, Republicans, etc, something happens and then they feel marginalized (and rightfully so) and lose whatever loyalty they had to Columbia. I don't know how many times during graduation I heard, "i am never going to give Columbia a cent". Sad but true.

    • well the university  

      responed to the bso and lgbt worries w/the new office adn a bunch of other initiatives. i don't know that republicans on this campus have the same amount of capital to get any type of similiar response. At best they might finally get teh bush voting prof they've been arguing for in the spec

  11. Sad

    As a Columbia alum I'm very much ashamed to be associated with it. I was disappointed with the high level of intellectual intolerance while I was a student, and now some of these blatant public displays of intolerance are just too much to handle. Fringe groups or not, I do not want to support a university that allows this kind of behavior over and over again.

  12. Anonymous  

    As Columbia students, we're all the losers here. Thanks to people on both sides of this fiasco, there go Columbia's chances of hosting any intelligent speakers anytime soon. Too bad we had to waste time on the Minutemen.

    Chris Kulawik loved every minute of this, and the people who ran onstage played directly into his hands.

  13. graduated

    well if you really want to, you could organise a public rally as a university, inviting many groups liberal and not liberal, stating that as a community you are against what happened on wednesday night, that it represented a minority view at columbia, and that the majority of columbia supports free speech. get media to cover it (some of you guys have connections) rather than just give up. write editorials, newspapers will be interested. c'mon.

  14. Anonymous

    what i saw last nite on the national TV was an embarassment for anyone and everyone involved. Its too bad that the people who were there to speak were not allowed to speak. its a shame that racist comments were made.

    FYI, if the minutemen were murdering the illegals as they came across the border, I am sure that they would be in jail by now so assuming that this happens is just flat out wrong. To call Mr. Gilchrist's group a racist is not even close. First of all, after having views pictures of members patrolling the border you see white, black and hispanic. so Where is the racism in that?? to say they are targeting a race is also wrong as they are not doing so. They want to stop people from coming over to this country illegally. AND by the way, in Texas, its been reported in the media that Arabic items have been found in the banks or the rio grande river whish is the international boundry between the US and Mexico. The US can not take the poor from every nation in the world. We do not have the resources, enough places to live, and I sure as heck dont want to wake up seeing 30 people in the house next door to me.. If you dont beleive me, ask the people of California who have seen 75 hospitals have to close because they are losing so much money due to the influx or illegals coming for the free health care. in the small south arizona border town of bisbee, the local hospital there had to close for the same reason, This now leaves the closest hospital 75 miles away, ONE WAY on a two lane highway. and chances are in the next few years it too will have to close for the same reason. In media reports, its reported that the two county hospitals in the dallas-fort worth texas area that 80 percent of babies born in 2005 and thru august 2006 had an 80% babies born to those who are in the US illegally and the total price to the taxpayers are 10 BILLION in the two counties. why should taxpayers in the US have to pay for this???

    In not letting Mr. Gilchrist speak that took away his first amendmant rights, and i have to wonder if those who caused the problems have taken time to learn and read what the group is about, or are open to new ideas by listening to people and then having a CIVIL debate.
    There is nothing wrong with people wnating to come to this country by filling out paper work and doing things the right way and legally. Its totally something different when you cross the border to evade border agents and avoid inspection of one self or history... its about safety.

    and remember, to be a racist you have to target the entire race, not just a certain group.

  15. well

    I have a hard time with a lot of the liberals on campus because I feel like in a typical college student way, they are into showy demonstrations that don't have a lot of substance. And i was pissed that now the rest of the world could share my view because of how the protestors behaved. But thankfully, Jim Gilchrist managed to sound like a complete nutcase on Hannity and Colmes. Also, thanks Kulawik for eagerly indicting a bunch of student groups. What I'm wondering, is if some people would be willing to have a discussion about just the Minutemen being here. Why were/weren't they a good decision? What role do they play in the debate on immigration? I don't feel like Kulawik was doing anyone a service because the minutemen seem so biased. Someone from the US border patrol I would have loved to hear from. I'm not trying to get a discussion going on the minutemen's free speech, but rather, what is their contribution to the immigration debate, and is it valuable to us?

  16. Q.R.  

    How did the coverage go from "students rushed the stage and were attacked by Minutemen members" to "students violently charged the stage" to this morning's "students attacked Mr. Gilchrist, knocking him over and breaking his glasses" -- is there any evidence for *any* of this stuff? Are the media outlets just quoting each other's misstatements? I mean this without political implications, but why is the right doing better every time somebody talks about this event? Isn't that a little strange?

  17. david

    I am outraged by the mischaracterization of this event.

    It's clear that the protesters were not trying to shut down the speech - they raced up on stage with a banner (a BANNER, people!) and a slogan.

    The speech would not have ended as it did if Gilchrist's supporters (students or otherwise) hadn't responded physically, charging the protesters themselves and plunging the whole thing into pandemonium.

    It's their own damn fault and this must be reiterated ad nauseum to counter the media misinformation that has already been accepted as fact.

    • um dumbass  

      charging a stage w/20 people from the left andd breakign through cordoned rope whle the speakers were on the right will defnitely make it appear lke you were charging them

      i'm outraged you're a student at this school you asshole

      • david

        Perhaps for a split second. But then they stopped. Then they unfurled a banner. Then they were stationary, doing nothing more threatening than holding paper and chanting.

        And by the way, as far as I can tell, "20 people" did not charge the stage. It appears to be far fewer, until the Republicans/Minutemen decided to make a brawl of it.

        Oooo cordoned rope! I'm guessing you don't play CU hockey because you are apparently a big pussy.

        Can't wait for Santorum!

  18. monique  

    was fucking awesome on hannity and colmes. she's smart, composed, and finally provided Columbia with an articulate voice. Oh, how beautiful. Free speech preacher Hannity asked, "are we going to be allowed to speak?" The hypocrites answer: "no" finally someone standing up for the truth.

  19. ddkk

    As an anarcho-fascist I find Mr. Gilchrist's comments insulting.

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