1. bwog  

    must see the future

    omen #1 was listed as such BEFORE the second omen


  2. weird  

    This is so tabloidish...
    I guess that's bwog for ya.

  3. wha?  

    no one else read this and thought it was a distant, summarized parody of last night?

    damn you bwog, i think the minutemen are running through my blood at this point.

  4. Anonymous  

    having knocked one of those lamp covers off with a frisbee before, I'd say the vicious thunderstorm was a way better omen.

  5. spectator  

    that exact lamp cover was knocked off by a stray soccerball about a week ago, it was put back up hastily so im sure a big gust of wind could have easily dislodged it

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