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The Wienobyline Codex

An account of the signs and omens which preceded the Wien laundry meltdown, and of the disorders surrounding its occurrence. It can also be added that those who were present during the disaster found out and gave an account of many things that happened during it, things that others did not know.

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Gone with the Wind

Morningside Heights’ bipolar weather has taken a turn for the blustery today. Tipster Matt Horwitz tells us that today’s pesky wind got the better of one tent at the street fair on Broadway going on right now. Apparently, the wind blew the tent away, cruelly causing it to tear on a street sign and nearly […]

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Omen #2

This poor girl was attempting to complete a phone call. Suddenly, the lamp cover there in the corner leapt up and flew at her. Violently, and unprovoked. You be the judge. We trust your instinct.

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Omen #1

After last night’s amazing free-for-all of orgiastic violence and self-righteousness, Bwog tipster Stephanie Shieh decided to look to the sky to see what the God would have us know.  But, God? What did they ever do!?

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