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  1. shira  

    bwog, do you guys know who/what is filming on the steps? I kind of recognize the blonde anchorwoman-looking person, but not to the point where I actually know her name. thoughts?

  2. Wow  

    That J.D. Porter column is the best thing I've ever read, even though it's making fun of me. Bravo.

  3. Godwin's Law fan

    I'm going to go ahead and do this so we can all continue without having to hold our breath for the obligatory Nazi reference: Hitler Hitler Hitler Hitler.

  4. what  

    a joke, teh republicans didn't do anytng to promote discussion? the fricking animals were shouting, wearing masks and being idiots right from teh start. there were never a negative word heard at the beginning of the speech against them. the only taunts made were after farking nazi salutes shithole spec.

    get youre head out of your ass spec

    • ridinonspinners  

      Oh god, I'm salivating at the hilarity that will undoubtedly arise out of this. People in the audience apparently gave Nazi salutes mocking the ties between the Minutemen and the National Vanguard (white supremacist group). Apparently those salutes were photographed by Republicans. I absolutely can't wait till Chris Kulawik is on the Oreilly Factor with finally, some definitive proof that leftists HATE JEWS, DENY THE HOLOCAUST and are FASCIST NAZI SYMPATHIZERS.

      • well  

        there was also a black man who everybody there speaking at that moment and whom liberal outlets are trying to dehumanize as a token (the leader of the group supporting minutemen on facebook is also black- undoubtedly another token). but hey don't let facts get in your way. i mean, raising nazi/white power salutes while a black guy is taling is always a funny jest

  5. jd porter  

    demonstrate how low our admissions standards must be. is that our strategy guys? ignore everyone we disagree w/? we realiize that like 50% of teh country is conservative and they all aren't inherent evil

    hell you guys sound like that rev. phelps

  6. eva fortes  

    is a dolt too. debate? all we're doing now is shouting racist at each other. if a question adn answer period was actually allowed maybe we coudl actually have substantive discussions.

    all this proves is every person who supported this thing is intellectually bankrupt. by the way. as incitement to violence fortes should be suspended

  7. hmmmm  

    doesn't it strike anyone as strange that the meanspirited poster in the above comments is clearly giving himself away by repeatedly misspelling the same words? ("teh") thus demonstrating that he/she is posting way too often/spamming?

  8. Linda

    I am from Arizona and a mother of 4, 2 in college, thankfully not Columbia. It is unbelievable how your students behaved during the Minuteman speeches. They were INVITED by a group from your university and were willing to engage in a Q&A afterward. All students and staff involved in that ridiculous demonstration of ignorance and intolerance should hang your heads low. Shame on you all. Treating guests like that, no matter if you agree or not, is at the least rude and with your aggressive actions, storming the stage, potentially criminal. If staff members are involved, they should be disciplined. Students involved should be put on notice. Not a very proud day for Comumbia.

  9. You know...

    The whole op-ed section was embarassing. I love the fact that no one can ever just admit that the actions of a group they might agree with were wrong. The most you ever get is something tacked onto the end of a huge preamble talking about antagonism by the other side. Do they really think it's not incredibly obvious? Stand up and do the right thing for once.

  10. UhOh  

    Uh oh guys, Linda, mom of four, 2 in college, from Arizona is mad at you all. I hope you all are ashamed that you angered a mother of four from Arizona enough that she decided to find the website of a student publication, find its blog, and tell us how mad and dissapointed she was. I think you all owe her an apology. More importantly, I hope the protestors are reading this. When a mother of four (two in college) from Arizona disagrees with you, thats when you KNOW you're in the wrong. This is unsubstantiated at the moment, but I've heard that Reuters is about to publish a story on the wire any minute now about how a father of 3 from Minnesota was also distraught when he read about this. I hope at that point you will finally realize the mess you created and apologize.

    • idiot  

      the people who watch o'reilly etc. are far more in number than the few motivated to post here/send all the hate mail to bwog that it's been getting. it's a pretty dark day for columbia when none of those people want to send their kids here and we become pariahs to the majority of the country. looking this far left only means marginalisation for columbia. the university's reputation, endowment, everything plummeted after 1968 for a reason.

  11. re: idiot

    something like this happens every year. record fund-raising years so far.

    i'm not too worried.

  12. chauncy  

    yeah, that column was definitely the greatest thing that came out of this protest.

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