Gossip: Flirtation Edition

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Over the radio (WBAR, 6:00 AM)

If you’re on a date and you think of something awkward, just say it. It’s only awkward if you keep it inside.

In the elevator…

Guy: … So, yeah, that’s how I’m out of Spandex.  And I had a whole drawer full of Spandex.

Girl: (sincere, almost breathless) God…that’s amazing.

And in front of Butler…

Girl: …And then I look over and the guy is fucking masturbating right there on the bench

Guy: No way.

Girl: Yeah. Right there on the bench.

Guy: No way.

Thanks to Leni Babb, Addison Anderson, and Ashley Nin for eavesdropping. Keep it coming: bwgossip@columbia.edu


  1. INCEST!  

    I love how this is a picture of Fred Astaire and HIS SISTER!!!

  2. the net

    outcome of this post would seem to be, wearing spandex on a date with your sister can be awkward, unless you both masturbate.

  3. oh my god!  

    i'm not the girl who's quoted, but i had an experience where i a guy in riverside park was masturbating on a bench while sitting right next to me! the girl in front of butler must have been talking about the same guy! anyway, heads up ladies: there is a pervert in riverside park.

  4. rp  

    maybe slightly turned on too?

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