Stop! Drop!

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Bwog tipster Ryan Withall writes in with a Morningside Heights celebrity sighting…

was just strolling down Bway and on my way to Labyrinth, and I saw something odd. A pretty sweet looking black lowrider (sorry I’m not gangsta enough to know the make and model) sat broken down in the middle of the street. As I walked back, I saw none other than DMX chillin on the corner of 114th and Bway with his “crew,” consisting of some other thug-looking dude and a blonde girl still in the car. I couldn’t tell what the problem was, but he seemed to be taking care of it. Maybe he was Rydin’ a little too Ruff!

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  1. omg!  

    I bet he's the REAL V47!

  2. was that dmx  

    i saw the car stalled out. it was pretty sweet. but i don't know my rappers. darn.

  3. sidewalk  

    114th & broadway isn't campus? I'm pretty sure columbia owns all those buildings, unless his car was next to the broadway presbyterian church

  4. umm  

    The fact that Columbia owns the buildings doesn't make it part of campus...Students generally arent allowed free passage into private apartment buildings or businesses just because the university owns them

  5. DMX  


  6. the car

    was a charger. x was just taking pictures and jumping around. think he might have had a little fender bender before hand, but the dudes from the mailroom cheered him up.

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