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big kiss 1Well, the conservative media was right—the gays are taking over.  October is Queer Awareness Month—QuAM, for short—and in honor, the Columbia Queer Alliance is leading all kinds of events around campus.  Today’s offerings: chalking, in honor of National Coming Out Day (today!), and an all (or mostly) gay reincarnation of last year’s Big Kiss. 

A little after 1 PM, a group of about 5 or 6 couples emerged from the path from Earl Hall onto Low Steps, waited for a whistle to blow to signal time, and started making out on cue.  Those who has no partners, life or otherwise, made out with (read: ate) apples.  Three minutes later, after the whistle blew again, the participants all walked away as if nothing had happened.  All in all, by the most liberal of estimates, the event was about 10% as large as last year’s.

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big kiss 2The lackluster turnout for the event came as something as a surprise, considering the CQA’s email-based marketing blitz, which has been preaching the Rise of the Homonormative and instructing people to come out, both to events and to their parents, for the last few weeks.  An excerpt from the last email:

Apples will be provided if you have no one to kiss. If you choose to kiss someone of the opposite sex that is ok too. But, let’s keep it as queer as possible, though, kids!

In subsequent emails, CQA offered Bwog a cigarette, ensuring us that it was cool, and that all the cool kids were, in fact, doing it.  We took it because, you know…we’re open-minded.

big kiss 3
big kiss 4 








At the same time, across the way on Low Plaza near the Sundial, those in favor of finding a cure for breast cancer could show their support by buying a cookie shaped like boobs, with profits going towards breast cancer research.  Yes—cookies shaped like boobs.  I guess I’ll just let that be the punch line. 

boob cookies

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  1. straight  

    "But, let's keep it as queer as possible, though, kids!" ....
    that is just rediculous... wonder what would have happened if it would have said.. lets keep it as straight as possible

  2. Stroke  

    I heard Chris Kulawik saw this while walking out of Eric Foner's class and nearly had a stroke

  3. that first picture  

    sure is purrrttyyyy.

  4. no the first picture

    is hottt

  5. Anonymous  

    #1 needs to come out of the closet.
    I bet he's gay.

    Describe this color in one lowercase word.

  6. Anonymous  

    You have the interview of a guy that always wears a Mao suit and then you have two gay guys kissing each other.

  7. Next Year  

    Happy Coming Out Day, y'all. Maybe next year Kulawik will join us the the Big Queer Kiss, eh? He's such a closet case.

    • Uhh  

      Comments 7, 10, and 11: isn't it a bit ironic to use gayness as an implied insult in defending Coming Out Day? That is, you're using the suggestion that Kulawik or poster #1 is gay as a put-down. It shouldn't be a put-down, and chastizing someone for being a closet-case EVEN IF THEY ACTUALLY ARE is tantamount to gay-bashing.

  8. have you heard  

    about the growing population of gay republicans? the issue is becoming more apparent due to the Foley scandal. Man, conservatives are gonna be hanging themselves for allowing such "filth" into their pristine ranks of wife-beating sister-fucking bible-thumping redneck hicks.

  9. heehee  

    ...no not nearly, I think he's was hiding behind alma

  10. loving the wit  

    "All in all, by the most liberal of estimates, the event was about 10% as large as last year's." Did no one else notice the genius of this statement?

    Genius. I less than three you BWOG

  11. gay  

    scott is hot.
    too bad i heard he's interested in some soph :(

  12. AAB  

    Next time the CRs have an affirmative action bake sale they should make them in the shape of boobs. It would be a nice CU Republicans + Queer Alliance joint event

  13. well woman  

    tomorrow in upper level mac well woman is selling CUPCAKES decorated as boobs. get it? "cup"cakes? badum-ching. anyways they will be delicious and benefiting breast cancer research.

  14. not CQA  

    Bwog, why are you so misinformed? CQA has nothing to do with Queer Awareness Month. It is the Queer Awareness Month Planning Committee that runs Queer Awareness Month. QuAM is not affiliated with any of the LGBTQ student organization on campus. It runs independently through the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Just thought you should know!

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