MSA baiter’s cover blown

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caughtBwog recieved notice recently that a sharp eyed poster pincher has uncovered the identity of the scoundrel who plastered the Muslim Student Association’s office yesterday afternoon with inflammatory press releases announcing the appearance by ex-PLO terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat that evening. Here’s how it happened: the original of the flyer was found in Schapiro by an anonymous student who then turned it in to the MSA office. The flyer had a whited-out email header from “[email protected]” to Village Copier. Message Subject: “500 copies 8.5×11 Walib Shoebat.”  Message dated: 10/11/06.

Seems pretty clear that the culprit is Lee Kaplan, a Zionist author and head of the anti-Palestinian group DAFKA, who is currently working on a book about “America’s colleges in the War on Terror.” Chris Kulawik calls him a “friend of Walid’s,” and he was sighted at the Shoebat event. One Bwog source reports an experience running into Kaplan at the Republicans’ Columbia Day BBQ on Monday: “He stopped me at the BBQ and asked me what my name was, whether my family was from India or Pakistan, and then said: ‘You could really learn something from this,’ pointing to the Shoebat flyer.”


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  1. question  

    is there no security for earl hall?

    • there is no  

      security for earl hall. it's where community impact is also housed, so the building has a lot of traffic.

    • Lee Kaplan

      How amusing that the MSA at Columbia would declare it a "conspiracy" that they were given a press release that was issued worldwide about the MSA at Columbia and their cowardice about not facing Walid Shoebat and Zak Anani at Columbia. If anything, this demonstrates that the MSA does not want the truth shown to the public. There was no "conspiracy" by offering a challenge to the MSA to come to the event and direct questions at these two men who cut through all the anti-Israel hype and propaganda at Columbia where anti-Semitism is rife. Oops!!! I forgot!
      You dont want to destroy Israel and the Jews--only the ZIONISTS!!!
      To declare an invitation to come and debate as being a "conspiracy" only demonstrates the corruption of the educational process at Columbia. The MSA with Saudi money has turned the American collegiate system into the same cesspool one finds in universities of the totalitarian Arab world. No wonder you talk of conspiracies: it's the Jews, right? It's the ZIONIST? Right? Boycot them!!! Murder them!!! Don't let them speak!!!They are out to destroy Islam by putting out a flyer inviting Muslims to debate their undying goal of destroying Israel and the West. Please, you're all a laughing stock. No conspiracy here, jsut a challenge you were too cowardly to meet. The adminsitration did your bidding by not letting people in who made reservations. Hitler's SA would ahve been proud of the tactics.

      • MSA Recent Alum  

        Mr. Kaplan,
        1) The Columbia MSA receives no Saudi funding or funding from any other source external to the University.
        2) The MSA has yet to comment about conspiracies. That word was used to dismiss this issue by some dude named Ron something. The MSA has simply stated the obvious: that someone, now know as you, attempt to goad the MSA into attending the event--and thereby legitimizing Shoebat with a full audience. MSA is not a fish. It did not take the bait.
        3) To say the administration does our bidding is laughable. MSA faced similar hurdles (University request to cancel all non-CUID RSVPs) last year when it has invited past speakers, but MSA, a student organization with real student support on campus, has been able to overcome those hurdles. That somehow Columbia admin does the bidding of a minority student group is a real conspiracy theory.

  2. haha  

    looks like lee kaplan leaked a plan.

  3. wow  

    I am so surprised by the fact that it was a zionist!

  4. Ron Lewenberg

    So the group with the most to gain from the the flyer, ie the ones who wish to discredit the event and Zionist groups, found the unseen evidence. Moreover this is proven by unamed students.

    Lee Kaplan is not an idiot. He also has access to printers.
    The only thing stupider than this "conspiracy" is those who believe it.

  5. well  

    there's no ron lowenberg on facebook
    and he's not in the CU directory

    so its safe to say he's some thug/goon that kulawik's antics have attracted to campus.

    BWOG- post a picture of this lee kaplan dude that's stalking around campus so columbia kids know who's sneaking around trying to intimidat them.

  6. just shows

    your ignorance. Ron Lewenberg is a Columbia Alumni, and founder of the Columbia Conservative Club.

    Again, you know what happens when you assume, you make...well you know the rest, no need for profanity. Well save that for more unsavory characters.

  7. and  

    as for the savory characters... we'll eat them :)

  8. creepy  

    did anyone else notice his name also spells "leek a plan"?

  9. Bari  

    He called Lionpac of Princeton "judenrat."

    I saw him at a PSM conference wearing a kafiyyah, baiting people.

    He is absolutely nuts.

    So sorry to MSA folks.

  10. so lee kaplan  

    claims to be an "undercover, investigative journalist". How does a white man go undercover in a primarily Arab and South Asian movement?
    This is how: http://kabobfest.blogspot.com/2006/02/zionists-gone-wild.html

    "Last year, the lonely lunatic showed up to the Palestine Solidarity Movement (PSM) conference at Duke university "disguised" as a "Pakistani." Unfortunately, he did not fool anybody as the blotches of brown paint left patches of pale whiteness. It was rather amusing, somewhat surreal."

    In the same link he is alleged to have invented a story of a speaker coming in to a PSM conference at Georgetown, and then invented the story of the speaker getting cancelled.


    Link above accuses him of getting onto a conference call between congressional staff and a lobby group calling for mid-east cease fire, posing as a congressional staffer, and then declaring the call cancelled.

    what a clown. to quote george galloway (in full scottish accent): "what a silly person you are?"

  11. lee  

    we love you. comment more.

  12. lee says:  

    "inviting Muslims to debate their undying goal of destroying Israel and the West"

    This is the kind of open racism - yes it's possible to construct Muslims as a race, just like you can with Black people, remember race isn't biologically real - that just went basically unchallenged at Columbia, and even got positive comments in the Spec. See why people protested Gilchrist?

    • msa-er  

      yes. its a trade-off.
      you lower the level by which you challenge these nut-jobs, at the same time you diminish their audience and the attention they get. couple that diminished attention with positive programming reaffirming the truth about muslims and you basically have msa's gameplan.

    • Lee Kaplan

      Islam is not a race, but an idea, as is Judaism. The fact is the Arabs are the biggest racists of all, demanding a pan-Arab dominated region in the Middle East. Jews and Christians are persecuted as dhimmis and are not classified as Arabs even if they might be of the same ethnic mix.
      Race has becoime a bait word for the real racists in our midst. If someone disagrees then just call them a racist. Meanwhile, support terrorists and thugs overseas with your own special rhetoric.

      • WTF?  

        So you just said Islam is not a race, but then went on a rant about Arabs. Not all Muslims are Arabs, nor are all Arabs Muslims. I guess a more accurate word to describe you would be bigot, as it encompasses hatred against hatred AND religions!

  13. Hey Lee,  

    Ever heard the phrase, "Shanda fur die goyim?"

    Just sayin'...you're not doing the rest of us Jews any favors.

  14. Galloway

    To Christopher Hitchens:

    "You're a drink-soaked, ex-Trotskyist popinjay...your hands are shaking, you're badly in need of another drink."

  15. word of the day  

    Popinjay (pop*en*jay): n. a vain, talkative person who chatters like a parrot.
    Example: Kulawik's overexposure on Fox News showed him to be a true popinjay.

  16. pathetic

    The comments to this post illustrate that how, at Columbia, the inmates are running the asylum. Your campaign to vilify Lee Kaplan is really an effort to show that the College Republicans are somehow conspiring with outside forces. Apparently, this constitutes a crime, while it is no crime at all for a foreign country like the United Arab Emirates to donate money for the establishment of an Edward Said chair, nor is it a crime for the International Socialist Organization to rely on outside help. And calling Kulawik a popinjay is really a projection of your own ideological mindlessness. Kulawik is intelligent, as thinking conservatives tend to be. And he has a courage. Surely, it takes a pusillanimous soul to imply that a relatively small group like the College Republicans threatens a campus that is almost totally in thrall to liberal ideology. If anything, this fear illustrates the bigotry that is liberalism.

  17. after that  

    have you ever posed as a congressional staffer on conference calls?

    do you frequently use psuedonyms?

    what is your relationship with chris kulawik?

    we want to know the truth lee, enlighten us heathen, terrorist, savages

  18. sad

    Your misperception of Lee Kaplan takes has taken on the qualities you impute him.

  19. sad, no typos

    Your misperception of Lee Kaplan takes on the qualities you impute to him.

  20. Hey

    It's not Lee Kaplan's fault that he's a psychotic bigot. None of this would have happened if those terrorist A-rabs would just convert like that Shoebat guy.

    It's a tough business waging a war against 1/6 of the world's population.

  21. Huh?  

    I said I was doing Jews a favor?

    No, I didn't. I just said that Lee is a shanda fur die goyim, and he isn't doing other Jews any favors by being a lunatic.

  22. referee jew  

    hey guys,

    lets stop slandering each other.
    slander towards jews should be directed towards one direction: LEE KAPLAN

  23. this guy real?  

    Or is he some plant to make Zionists look bad? I don't even subscribe to Zionism and I wonder if this lunatic is a deliberate plant. No one can be this psychotically racist, confusing arabs and muslims and hurling baseless accusations... this much of a black hole of logic. Jesus Kaplan do you read what you actually post?

  24. Lee Kaplan

    This peurile blog illustrates the crux of the problem on US campuses. I suggest you all read Shoebats Why I Left Jihad, currently ont he ebstseller list.
    If you want to see real nutjobs, read about Islamic and particulalrly Arabic culture in the Middle East that American colleges are being used to portray as not being misogynistic, racist,
    primitive and anti-Semitic. In fact, Columbia's Arab=paid professors would are among the most skilled sophists in teh world to do this.

    And to the bozo who asked if I ever posed an a congressional staffer, the truth is I did not. But I did attend a conference call in which another Arab backed non-profit in this country lobbied contrary to US tax codes and offered a $50,000 bribe to a congresswoman. Arab oil money goes far. It bought a chair under Edward Said's name at Columbia with PLO money, didn't it?

    What you cannot refute with facts, you try to refute by ad hominem attakcs. Buit then again, thats how thngs are done in the Arab and Muslim world. What a pity this crap is now being instilled in graduates of what was once a first class university and is slowly becoming Moscow on the Hudson.

    • Hey crackpot  

      Will you stop generalizing about Arabs and Muslims? Are you really this dense? Imagine someone was spinning these same racist conspiracy theories about ANOTHER group of people or religion and how crazy that would sound. You are answering no questions, just reverting back to startlingly racist generalizations and telling us our campus sucks. Your hypocrisy is sickening. You only say this shit because you can; if you said the same thing about any other origin, race or group of people it would be shot down immediately. Go back to where that revolting racism is welcome, asshole.

      • To the real asshole

        Of course you can find a handfulof Muslims and Arabs who are not anti-Semites and support Israel's right to exist. There are many Arrab Muslim Israeli citizens in the IDF.
        But if you do not beleive there is institutionalized Jew hatred in the Arab-Muslim world, I'd like to know if youd like to buy the Brooklyn Bridge. You don't fight racism by supporting panArab and panIslamic racist goals against Jews.

    • hey kaplan  


      • Lee Kaplan

        Yes,indeed. See the results by googling the article Solidarity with Terror at frontpagemagazine.com . How sad I had to do that to expose the truth about the ISM and what it really says and does. I suggest you see the photos in the latest article
        The ISM-Terror COnnection also at Front Page Magazine and see why these groups cannot stand up to the light of day. The MSA considers itself a sponsor and part of the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

  25. Freddy  

    I find it hilarious that the guy that starts with explicit insults and ad hominem attack, in writing and plastered all over a prayer area no less, is bitching about ad hominems in response.

  26. Huh  

    Moscow on the Hudson? I thought that was Brighton Beach.

    /loves herself some caviar

  27. I love how  

    ...the minuteman incident has all these nutcases jumping around now going "Ooh, sympathize with *me*! With ME!" to Columbia students. Note to the trolls: we can actually denounce the actions of those handful of protestors while still thinking people like you are, you know, racist nuts. Our sharp criticism of those actions do not somehow make us sympathetic to your batshit insanity.

    I wonder if MSA has a legal case here considering all the public slandering of their club that even deliberately stayed away from these guys.

  28. Racist nuts?

    IF your concern is racist nuts, get the facts about the Arab world and its racism and apartheid system
    against non-Moslems and Arabs in that part of the world. You dont fight racism by calling the real racists human rights activists (the
    Isalmic fascist game plan) while attacking the true pluralistic society (Israel). Its part of the Big Lie that prevents peace in the Middle East.

  29. MSA whines

    The flyer in question called the MSA to task for not attending an event where open debate existed. That was hardly an insult. What a bunch of whiners.

  30. Why don't  

    Why don't you guys go back to putting COLORATION on your faces in an attempt to go undercover and stop wasting your time on people who know a racist fuckwit when they see one. You do not invite people to debate by slandering them and accusing them of the very things you are doing. And you continue with the generalizations about and confusion of arabs and muslims. You are positively sickening.

  31. Yaman

    Somebody (presumably from this forum) sent me a link to this website. I suggest visiting a critical blog a friend and I started about Lee Kaplan: Lee Kaplan Watch.

    Also, I briefly skimmed over the comments above. Judging by writing style, diction, and common typos, I would say that Lee is already lurking here.

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