caughtBwog recieved notice recently that a sharp eyed poster pincher has uncovered the identity of the scoundrel who plastered the Muslim Student Association’s office yesterday afternoon with inflammatory press releases announcing the appearance by ex-PLO terrorist-turned-Christian Walid Shoebat that evening. Here’s how it happened: the original of the flyer was found in Schapiro by an anonymous student who then turned it in to the MSA office. The flyer had a whited-out email header from “” to Village Copier. Message Subject: “500 copies 8.5×11 Walib Shoebat.”  Message dated: 10/11/06.

Seems pretty clear that the culprit is Lee Kaplan, a Zionist author and head of the anti-Palestinian group DAFKA, who is currently working on a book about “America’s colleges in the War on Terror.” Chris Kulawik calls him a “friend of Walid’s,” and he was sighted at the Shoebat event. One Bwog source reports an experience running into Kaplan at the Republicans’ Columbia Day BBQ on Monday: “He stopped me at the BBQ and asked me what my name was, whether my family was from India or Pakistan, and then said: ‘You could really learn something from this,’ pointing to the Shoebat flyer.”