Bobbing for Apples!

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eli1Go bob for apples and get free cider outside Ferris Booth in Lerner! You have until 2 pm!

Bwog asked the bobbers: So, how do you guys feel about germs?

“Well, an apple a day keeps the Doctor away, so if you get the apple, you don’t have to worry about germs!”

Bwog knows who’d beg to differ: The health insurance companies who’ve camped out on the Lerner Ramp just below the parasite fest.

More photos of bobbers after the jump…


Victory is mine!! Note: Apple is in the mouth.


Sponsored by the EcoReps, so you know that shit’s locally grown.

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  1. the apple  

    bit is only true if you throw that shit at the doctor. Have fun burying your faces in each other's saliva!

  2. healthier  

    than beer pong...

  3. hey bwog  

    is this hard cider? and kudos to the guy in the second picture who realized you can pick up an apple without ever having to touch the water

  4. bobbing  

    Bobbing for apples is great, screw all you haters! You'll bang some skanky freshman you met 30 minutes ago at the Heights but you can't share saliva with a lovable local hipster-kid? grow up...

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