Oh, My Virgin Eyes!

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shockedWell, it finally happened: CTV has realized how to attract viewers.  A post on today’s IvyLeak reports that, last night, at 10:45 PM, our traditionally unwatched television network aired a five-minute clip of hardcore anal sex as part of the show Sexiled.  There was heavy breathing, there were hand-held cameras, and, for the first time in the network’s history, Columbia students couldn’t pry themselves away from CTV. 

Meanwhile, now that they have realized that there actually is no censorship at CTV, the creative giants behind The Gates are hard at work revising their scripts.

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  1. this isn't  

    the first time they've shown hard-core sex- it's been a staple of Sexiled for at least the past couple episodes. though it's kinda sad that that's the only way CTV can get viewers...

  2. maybe  

    if people still don't watch they'll upgrade to live renditions?

  3. are there

    archives of 'sexiled' somewhere online?

  4. wait--  

    are these hardcore sex scenes of columbia students? that's hot.

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